"Turn off" vs "Mute"

When setting up short cuts, how do the actions “Turn off notifications” and “Mute Notifications” function differently ?

Mute Notifications is an app-level control that suppresses all notifications from the Wyze app. This is useful if you want to disable all notifications quickly, and it’s the same as tapping the bell icon on the top right of the Wyze app.

Turn off notifications is a device-specific control that disables notifications from only that device. This is useful when you want to stop notifications from a specific cam or sensor (for example, disable front door sensor when I’m home).


Thank you . . . just to clarify . . .
Does “Device-specific” mean the Wyze device or the viewing device (phone, tablet, etc)?

Ah, sorry, that wasn’t very specific of me :slight_smile:. It’s per Wyze device like a camera or sensor. You’ll notice in shortcuts that the “Turn off notifications” option is only available when a particular device is selected.

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Thanks again