Stringify, IFTTT, integration

Hello, are there plans to integrate these cameras with IFTTT and Stringify (as well as potentially others) to allow for better integration with other components? For instance, I would like to use the motion sensor as a trigger to turn my Hue lights on (and off after some time). I can do that with Arlo (via Stringify) but not with the Wyze cam.


Check out this email: You made a list. We checked it twice!

And this from the FAQ page:
Does the WyzeCam support any services like IFTTT, Smartthings, HomeKit?
The WyzeCam is only compatible with the Wyze App. It is not compatible with services like IFTTT, Smartthings, HomeKit, etc.
We understand this is a popular request from our customers. Our engineering team is evaluating this feature for future development.
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WyzeCam just announced IFTTT is now supported: I set it up and so far am satisfied!