Suggestion IFTTT & Stringify support

I would love to see Wyze add support for consumer cloud IoT platforms like IFTTT and Stringify.

Triggers -

motion and sound (per camera)

Actions -

turn on/off motion/audio detection (per camera and all cameras)

turn on/off motion and sound alerts

record clip (per camera and all cameras)


I am sure others can think of triggers and actions. Personally the very first thing I would do is to disable clip recording or at least alerts to my phone on certain cameras when any family members are within my ‘home geofence’. I do this now to set Home and Away comfort settings for my Ecobee thermostat and to make sure all the lights are off when I leave.

And when I’m home, Wyzecam ‘blows up my phone’ with alerts of me and my wife triggering motion and sound detection. Time windows don’t really work for us so using our geofence would be much more effective.

Just discovered another action - switch night vision mode. I’ve noticed that auto night vision cameras can react to large TVs in a dark room. A dynamic bright/dark movie can cause the poor thing to be clicking off and on the filter. I have a theater mode setting that dims the lights and could also force the living room camera to a fixed night vision mode rather than automatic while its movie time.