Abillty to send out motion/sound alerts to local network devices.

I recently had someone get into my garage overnight and steal my bike, so I’ve been thinking of ways to help prevent this in the future. I’d like to be able to have the motion/sound triggers not only give me a notification on my phone, but also alert my Home Assistant (HA) home automation software. That way when HA knows I’m away or sleeping and a camera motion/sound triggers, the camera send sends an alert directly to HA and it can turn on an siren in the garage. That may scare away the intruder, but also wake me up if I’m alseep so I can go protect my stuff.

Perhaps a simple MQTT publish feature with a configurable topic and payload. MQTT was meant to be very simple and the code overhead is minimal.

One could say once Wyze enables IFTTT, I could get this to work, but I’m really looking for non internet alert feature in case one of intermediate systems are down (ISP, IFTT, wyze servers, etc).


I just got my first WYZE camera and was thinking the same thing. Their should be separated ones for motion and one for sound. I hope they put this on the #roadmap.