Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

I’ve added it to the list at the top.


I don’t know if someone already suggested it, but offline sensors would be a great trigger so I don’t have to wait until I notice to force a reboot.

Do you mean this? Loss of Communication/Network Connection Notification & Log


I tried to find if this was on the wishlist, but there is no specific request for this, (only included with other bigger lists)
I’d love the ability to turn on/off sound detection via Shortcuts and IFTTT actions exactly as it is done for motion detection. It will be really helpful to create schedules and custom actions.

Not sure why it’s not available yet, since it already exists for motion detection.

The request for a Shortcut action to turn sound detection on/off is included in this topic (first post). For the corresponding request for IFTTT, see this:

I absolutely love the shortcuts Wyze has now and see many of the “additional” ones as value added. However, I would like to see a separate page for my shortcuts. I have at least 9 shortcuts now and mostly interact with Wyze via my iPhone. If I fully name my shortcuts (something like “Turn All Motion Off”) then I can only see one or two shortcuts and have to swipe to see the rest. If I shorten the names, in order to see more, then I’m left with finding a way to make meaningful shortcuts (example above would become “TAMO”) which makes for lots of remembering. Can we have an additional “page” similar to how a product or group is listed that would allow us to have more screen real estate?

While activating my WYZE system via a shortcut bottom when leaving the house I immediately get motion alerts of just me exiting the door. Can there be a delay toggle added which would give me 30 seconds or so to get outside the camera zone and stop false positive notices? Thanks.

Please note that one of the requested actions on the first post of this topic is a Pause action. That would accomplish this request.

I too would like to be able to schedule recording events to local sd card.

On my Alexa Show 5: I want a skill that allows me to monitor my camera on the home screen full time with the date and temp overlayed as if it replaced the photo on home screen option. Seems like a no brainier as it would be a major selling point. and if it shows 4 cameras at once, you would sell even more camera’s. A huge disappointment as apparently I am forced to find another camera and monitor security system solution.

Where are you pulling the temp from?

Hi,Thanks. just the standard temp from the Show 5 clock overlay.

WORD TO THE WYZE: Some (perhaps many) of us out here in the wild place higher emphasis on developing the app along these lines & existing feature set rather than adding things like person detection - the firmware for which didn’t (and still doesn’t) seem ready for primetime.

Slow it down, get it right. Why all the hustle?

Most likely app development and hardware development are separate teams. They can be worked at the same time.

True. However, person detection is also part of the app. I’d wager that they wouldn’t want to work too many angles of the app at once either for stability concerns.

Not fully understanding why the person detection was so highly prioritized and fast-tracked. I understand its potential value, but it feels a little more like gravy than substance vs beefing-up the shortcut options.

And if both can be worked at once, why has this languished with such an extensive list of very useful suggestions? I feel like many of them are low-hanging fruit & easy adds since the base features, themselves, already exist within the app. Additions outlined in these wishlists would truly be force multipliers to make Wyze much more powerful overall.

Of the suggested additions, these are of the most interest to me:

  • Turn Motion Tracking on/off
  • Detection zone on/off
  • Pan Cam: move to a specific camera memorized position or waypoint
  • Toggle notifications for Wyze Sense sensors (by sensor and event type)
  • Toggle Sensor Video recording for Wyze Sense sensors (by event type) [by sensor implemented]
  • Disable/Enable Person Detection
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Good selection.

#3 is actually mine and would free-up manual intervention considerably for me!

I would like to add one more - Record a video to the SD card (like and event when recording events only).

I added it to the list at the top. :wink: