IFTTT trigger + Wyze shortcut actions

Hello all, new to the community and loving the cameras thus far! I’m wondering if there is any way to set up an IFTTT (or alternative) trigger to select one of the shortcuts in the App.

For example, have a google assistant trigger the selection of one of the in-app shortcuts to turn on the camera, enable motion tracking and enable notifications, and vise versa. This is to get around the limited number of actions that can be implemented with IFTTT (so far only 2 actions can be done)

Is there a way to do this or any future plans to implement? Thank you!


Hi … hey … if you go to the IFTTT website and do a search for WYZE … I think you’ll find a lot of options for WYZE.

My personal IFTTT is WYZE app pairing with LIFE360 app so that IF the last family member leaves home (tracked in LIFE360), THEN activate motion detection of all cameras (with WYZE).

I also use GOOGLE ASSISTANT/HOME to turn motion detection on or off with a voice command “Hey Google, I’m leaving.” “Hey Google, I’m home.”

I think you can do much more with IFTTT than just activating WYZE shortcuts.


In the WYZE IFTTT directory, there are several options, though they are often singular actions. For example if I wanted to turn on the camera, enable motion tracking and enable notifications, and vise versa, it would require multiple applets with the same trigger. Lately IFTTT has been fairly unreliable and will miss a trigger, so simplifying it to just 1 trigger for multiple actions would make things a while lot easier, hence why having the action to select one of your app shortcuts would be great.

I’m not familiar with LIFE360, though I will check them out. Thank you!

Hi DAN, IFTTT does allow programmers to set up a MULTIPLE ACTION IFTTT applets … but you have to pay a fee to be a registered IFTTT platform programmer.

Supposedly IFTTT is going to soon offer an option for individuals to set up multiple action IFTTT’s, but pricing and info hasn’t been set.

“IF I return home, THEN turn on the lights, start SONOS playlist, and text my wife” will soon be available through IFTTT, but I am not sure of the cost for an individual to accomplish it.

Various IFTTT commercial programmers have multiple option IFTTT’s available for free on IFTTT for a multitude of companies. BMW, for example, has options such as “IF i return home, THEN open the garage door and turn on the lights.”

But as far as I’m concerned, everyone’s multiple actions are different. I don’t really expect companies or a commercial IFTTT programmer to understand exactly what I want to do when, so I’m hoping that IFTTT makes multiple action option available to individuals soon.

IFTTT Platform has a free tier with access to Maker to build multi action recipes:


Hmmm. I saw that Maker was now part of IFTTT Platform, Loki … but it appears that you have to have a company and a corporate website to sign up for free Maker. I’m just an individual. Am I missing something?

I signed up without a corporate website, but I don’t remember how. I do have my own domain, so maybe I used that.I haven’t actually used it yet, so sorry, I don’t have detailed instructions.

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I also signed-up-but haven’t used yet, using my own domain.
Also have requested IFTTT access to our Wyze shortcuts - think it would be a great idea!

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Read on down this thread. I have requested the same thing. I would make for a very strong system! I

There’s a topic in #wishlist requesting additional IFTTT actions, one of which is the ability to trigger a Wyze shortcut. You can vote for it here:

Be sure the click the VOTE button at the top.