Shortcut (Automate)

I’m still unclear on what the “Automate” function does when setting up Shortcuts. I’ve read and searched through the Community here but am still trying to understand what this does.

I’m more interested in the “Event” settings and how to apply them appropriately. I appreciate any and all responses from the Community.


The automate portion of a shortcut lets you do one of two things:

  1. Run the shortcut’s action(s) at a specified time of day on certain days of the week, or

  2. Run the shortcut’s actions(s) when a specified camera detects motion, sound, smoke or CO.

If you don’t choose an automation to trigger the shortcut, then you must choose a shortcut button to be displayed at the top of the app home page.


That’s what I needed to hear. I understand how it works now.



The shortcuts are helpful. Can we tie triggering a shortcut to the presence of a certain WiFi network? That way when I’m home, it could automatically turn off notifications. Please also think about activating a certain shortcut when ALL the phones with the App installed are away from that WiFi network (i.e., all have left home).
These would be immensely useful.


You can currently do this with IFTTT and possibly (depending on your phone) another tool. If you are on Android, IFTTT can be triggered based on wifi connected. The action can be to turn on/off Wyze notifications.

If you are on iPhone or need multi-user geolocation, the you can combine IFTTT with the Life360 tool.

Search the Support link top right for IFTTT, search on for Wyze, and search this forum for “LIfe360” for more info.