Motion sensor setup with strip lights


I have Wyze Motion sensor and i have smart lights Strip not wyze brand
everything is connected via Alexa so i want a motion sensor to turn on the light and when i walk away it turns the light off,

I heard that IFTTT can do this but i don’t understand how IFTTT works and not sure how to achieve this task

can someone please advise

Add the Wyze service and whatever service the strip light brand is (if they have it). Then once both services are logged into through IFTTT, create an applet that does the task you want. That should get you started down the right road. Just okay around with services and applets to learn the ins and outs of IFTTT. Lots of chooses and stuff to learn.

Have you tried making a routine in Alexa to do this?


I didn’t know Alexa can make a routine. if I understand you correctly
1- connect wyze to strip light app and vice versa
2- find IFTTT and create applet ( I need to learn this part )
3- then wyze motions should work for strip lights

did I get it correctly



I am not able to Find any IFTTT skills for alexa or wyze so i played around with routine in Alexa
and it seem i am able to get motion sensor to work with Strip light but there is huge delay and not every time it can detect motions. and i am not able to created a routine in Alexa that will turn off light if no motions found

Issue resolved i was able to use alexa and create 2 different routine one to turn light on and one turn light off and it worked very cool


For future, ifttt services work pretty much the same as Alexa skill. You had to add the Wyze skill in Alexa and the led strip light skill to Alexa, the fairly same would need to happen in IFTTT. You wouldn’t add IFTTT to Alexa, just Wyze and the led lights to ifttt.

What brand led strip lights do you have?

The Wyze Sense motion sensor has a 45 second wait from the end of it’s triggering motion before it clears and can be triggered again. If you swipe you hand fast in front of the motion sensor, it should clear in about 45 seconds. If you dance around for a minute in front of the motion sensor. It will stay triggered untill you stop dancing, then 45 seconds from that, it’ll clear. Weither good dance moves or bad dance moves were done, that doesn’t alter the wait to clear time at all.

Unfortunately through Alexa or ifttt it proboly won’t be a instant response due to the work flow. The signal has to go from your sensor, to Wyze, to Amazon, to your led strip company then the on signal to your light strip. Plenty of ways for a slowdown to effect the signal either over the intrawebs or on your home network.


They both are under my bed pretty cool setup i love it

with IFTTT my problem is i cant find a way to use it i am not sure if they want me to pay money to use it i dont know but i am learning new skills so that so cool

thanks for all helps

It doesn’t appear as if IFTTT has the service for the “let” or “nitebird” brand. Looks like you gonna have to stick to Alexa for controlling those.