Motion Sensor and Smart Light Question

Question … Just bought my first two Wyze Cam 2’s. Been wondering if this is possible … Since the Wyze camera is motion sensitive, if I install smart lights in my garage along with one of these cameras, can I set it up so that if anyone walks in the garage, the lights go on? Don’t know if Alexa Skills or Routines would make that happen. ??‍♂️?

Should be able to using IFTTT

Outstanding! I am new to this and learning. Have heard about IFTTT. Should have figured it might be the answer. Thank you!! ??

Just be aware that IFTTT may only check status every 15 minutes, so the response time for the light to go on may not be what you want.

Ah … Thanks, well that wouldn’t work. ?

I used IFTTT with my iSmartAlarm door contact and smart plug and I only had a few seconds delay

Yeah, I did not mean to imply that it could not work. Just that 15 min is all that IFTTT guarantees. In practice, it’s usually faster than that but on occasion there might be delay that you don’t find acceptable.

I’m essentially doing this now and it works consistently well. I’m experiencing about a 4-to-6 second delay before the light comes on but that’s acceptable for my purposes. In my case, after the light turns on I wanted to turn it off a couple of minutes later. To do that I had to use a combination of IFTTT and Stringify. IFTTT supports Wyze but does not support a timer function between the trigger and action. Stringify supports a timer function but does not support Wyze, so it can’t directly receive motion alerts from the camera. However, by using IFTTT and Stringify in combination you can have motion events go to IFTTT which can then initiate a Stringify flow where all the real action takes place. Stringify can turn the light on when IFTTT notifies it to run a flow, then run a timer for a specified time interval, and then turn off the light. You have to link your IFTTT and Stringify accounts but it’s not too difficult. Also, as has been stated, there’s no guarantee that the IFTTT applet will run within a few seconds but it’s performed well for me so far.

Thanks everyone!!! Much appreciated!! It looks like it may be possible after all. ?

I downloaded IFTTT already and starting to experiment. Have to try Stringify now and figure out how to set them both up. ??

I love some of the automation capability with this smart home stuff!

Thanks again!

If you only need to turn the light on and you’re not interested in turning it off after a delay, then you can do that with IFTTT alone without having to involve Stringify. Obviously, this is all dependent on IFTTT supporting the brand of your smart light. If your smart light isn’t supported by IFTTT then you’re out of luck. Hope this helps.

For now I am starting with Philips light bulbs and have a starter kit. I actually would like both … ON with motion detection and OFF with time out after motion stops for a priod of time. So, it sounds like IFTTT for ON and Stringify for OFF. And, yes, all suggestions are helpful and appreciated! Thank you again!

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Exactly what I want to do. Using iftt I can make my smart plug turn on the light. Any chance of showing the flow in Stringify? I have searched everywhere for how to do this. Thanks in advance.

There’s a topic in #roadmap that you can vote for. Be sure to click the VOTE button all the way at the top.

It’s a very simple and straight-forward flow…

When IFTTT applet runs this flow >>> turn ON light >>> set timer for X minutes >>> turn light OFF

Remember, you must link your IFTTT and Stringify accounts for this to work.

Hope this helps.

Sound good, but stringify is shutting down … any other options to turn off a device after a period

When Stringify shuts down Wyzecam users will lose the ability to easily have their camera’s motion alerts turn on security lights and then automatically turn them off again after a period of time. This is an extremely useful capability that’s going away, with no good alternative solutions in sight. Other potential solutions are expensive and/or complicated and none offer the simplicity and low cost provided by the IFTTT/Stringify solution. Come on, Wyze, help us out here. There’s bound to be something you can do to help provide this capability again.

Anyone else here seen an update on this? I spun up another thread in #early-access asking about Wyze Bulb and “turn off after motion stops for X minutes” but I can’t get any clear message from Wyze. It’s a non-starter for me without that capability.

Not seen an update. Limited value without these capabilities.

Check to see if the software that controls the bulb has the ability to do “scenes” or “automation”. Using one of those, you can set it up to turn on the light, wait a period of time you want, then turn the bulb off again.

In IFTTT, make an Applet that invokes a Scene when the motion is detected on the camera.

I haven’t seen anything on the Wyze Bulb about turning off after x minutes of no motion, but I agree that’s a function that needs to be built in when using a Wyze motion sensor with a Wyze Bulb.

For third-party smart bulb/device integration I’ve been using as a replacement for Stringify and it works okay, though it has a bit of a learning curve and adds another 2-3 seconds to the processing time. Right now I trigger my other smart bulbs with a normal IFTTT action (If motion sensor detects motion then turn on smart bulb), but I turn off the bulb using an “logicblock” that has a delay of 5 minutes.