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We’re going to be closing this request now that Stringify has announced that it is shutting down. We had been in contact with people from Stringify a few months ago and had been seriously considering this integration. We apologize to anyone disappointed about the outcome of this and hope that the people using Stringify find the best options for them to automate their tech. The Stringify team made a few recommendations in their blog post about this decision.




Stringify integration since it can do more than ifttt and works with multiple smarthome hubs.

We’re in discussion with the Stringify team now though we can’t make promises yet. :slight_smile:


Stringify would be great. So much more can be done for ifs and that’s. Multiple ifs and that’s make everything so much more useful.

@UserCustomerGwen, I know this thread is a little old, but I would highly recommend investing in Stringify integration. While IFTTT is nice, the ability to create more complex commands with many different smart home services is great. I have Wyze Cam, Amazon Echo, Nest Cam, TP-link switches and Feit lights and would love to use my Wyze cam to trigger different events.


We’ve actually been talking to their team about it. :slight_smile:

@UserCustomerGwen - Thanks! So far I love my Wyze Cam and have recommended it to friends and family.

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You’re welcome! Thank you for your support. :slight_smile:

+1 on Stringify integration!

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100% YES for stringify integration. I run my whole house on it. I know many people (including myself) who only like to buy products that integrate well with stringify. They are an amazing company with great support.

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Stringify would be great. You don’t have to have it running in the background. IFTTT has to be running in the background on my phone. Stringify also does so much more. I started with IFTTT but have moved on to stringify. I Have one cam and just ordered my second with memory card. Waiting for the outside cam next. Want to buy at least 6 outside cams. LOVE Wyze. So far I’ve talked 3 others into buying and I’ve had mine less than a month.

Stringify rules. So does Wyze. Please make Wyze work with stringify. Something simple, I want to turn on my lights when my cameras detect motion, but I only want this to happen at nighttime, or between certain hours at night. IFTTT will only allow you to turn on light when motion is detected, but there is no other “and” options.
If developers start partnering with Stringify, IFTTT will slowly start to die.
Please, please, please make wyze camera work with Stringify.
I have a total of 8 cameras and 61 total devices talking on my home network. I long for better integration!

Big vote for this. I use stringify for lights/outlets to turn on lights with another motion sensor (tplink) then they shut off after xx minutes for different setups. I’d be interested in helping out if needed.

I also vote for Stringify. The main feature over IFTTT is the ability to add multiple conditions for a trigger (AND OR)

Also, there is a way to get a Stringify Flow seen as a “When this happens” trigger in Alexa Routines

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IFTTT location triggers have been very flaky but I have not had any problems with Stringify so that is my preferred automation tool.

Hello @jorge, I find that if you unlink then relink the Life360 and IFTTT it fixes some of the miss triggers.

I have seen a posts that mention this alternative but that is an other app that has to be downloaded and used to replace something that is an in-app function. IFTTT should address bugs and service issues rather than the users having to find various workarounds.

Stringify on the other hand has been executing my location automations without fail so clearly it is superior for my purposes.

IFTTT is working on allowing recipes with multiple IFs. They are currently in a beta program.

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I have read that in another thread here. I also read it is going to be for developers only.

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