Alexa to tell me when Wyze HMS is arming/disarming?

Hey everyone.

I just got my Echo Dot set up with my Wyze Sensors but I havent been able to find this one thing that would really make my day.

Is there a way to set a routine/alarm that would allow me to program Echo Dot when my Wyze HMS is arming or disarming?

I have searched the internet and Wyze forums but have not found any sufficient answers.

Can this be done?

Thanks in advance.

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It CAN be done, but it is complicated to implement right now. There is an easier way coming through Alexa Guard Pro, but the Alexa team is…struggling at the moment.

As I said you can do it right now even without Alexa Guard Pro, but you would have to do the following:

  • Set up Home Assistant
  • Install Joshua’s 3rd Party Wyze API through Home Assistant
  • Install Alexa into Home Assistant
  • Set up a rule in Home Assistant so that when the Wyze HMS is armed/disarmed it triggers the action you want with your Echo Dot.

The HMS Modes only recently just became available as Triggers in the Wyze App. They are not yet available as triggers in Alexa.

What you can do though, is to use other Wyze devices as relay triggers.

For example, I have 3 Wyze Plugs that I use only for automation purposes. Nothing is plugged into them. When Wyze devices, like the HMS, change Modes, I trigger the plugs on and then use the plugs in Alexa to trigger Non-Wyze devices and vice versa.

My 3 plugs are “Disarmed, Home, & Away”

When the HMS is armed Away, it triggers the Away Wyze Plug to turn on for 1m by way of a Wyze Rule. In Alexa, I have a routine that triggers when the plug is turned on to do a host of lighting and thermostat mode tasks. That routine also announces “Security System Armed Away” on my Echo Dots. Disarmed = Security System Disarmed, Home = Security System Armed Home.

You can program Alexa to say anything you want her to say when these plugs trigger.


This is a wonderful workaround for this use-case!

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