Alexa Routine Trigger From Home Monitoring Armed

Well I looked, and I can’t seem to find this anywhere so I thought I would put it out to the brain trust. Is there a way to trigger an Alexa routine from arming the Wyze Home Monitoring system? I have several cameras on a routine to turn on when I trigger Alexa Guard, I just hate to have to do the extra step of telling Alexa I’m leaving, then arm the Wyze Home Monitor. It seems like it should be pretty simple, but I just can’t figure out a work around. Any ideas?


No such luck. You can’t use home monitoring status in any rules yet. I think it’s being considered or in the works. Also, Alexa knows nothing about it as a security system.

I was wondering the same, but reverse. Can Wyze security be armed when I set Alexa to Guard? :crossed_fingers:

Not to the best of my knowledge. Guard works with certain security systems, but Wyze isn’t one of them. I think they have some plan to integrate eventually.

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