Integration with Alexa Guard

Create a routine with Alexa Guard that turn on the notifications via app and via SMS when detects movement when nobody’s home. Also notify the security and police via web service , SMS, Email, etc.

Is Alexa guard even live yet?

That would be a really bad idea. Way too may false positives & negatives to even automate this.

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Alexa Guard?

I gotta ask her, about that skill?
Dk !!

Unless someone has Alexa Guard in beta perhaps, I’ve been watching for it and I don’t believe it’s released yet is it? When it is released, Alexa will notify you directly on your phone of glass break/smoke detection so I’m not sure there would be a benefit for notification integration with WYZE in that regard. *However, what might instead be beneficial is WYZE adding a glass break detection alert directly to WYZE alongside the smoke detector alert that it is already capable of.


There is several aspects that needs to happen before this could work:
1 - Alexa needs to support more primitive for cameras. For the moment, it is very limited and has only live streaming and 2 way audio. There are some on and off primitive that we can potentially already implement but it is limited. Nothing for the moment about motion, sound detection on/off. Again we might be able to add it as a special feature but it would not be standardized.
2 - Routine has to expose those primitives mentioned above but they are relying on standard intent for the moment. So anything that we do as a custom skill will not be exposed in Routine.
3 - Alexa has to expose the two state changes of Guard (home->away and away->home) in Routine. It is not there for the moment.

So the TL;DR, we are at the mercy of Amazon for the availability of this feature request. They have to do most of the work and we should have a fairly minimum amount of effort to make it happen.

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You should be able to add this via their existing sensor API. Ring and Arlo cameras expose their motion detection as a motion sensor on the Alexa app.

Yes. You are right. My bad. They have a MotionSupport API that we should be able to implement fairly quickly.

I got confused with another interface that we are working on with Amazon that is also motion related.


We have a Wyzecam2 powered by the solar security gate 1/4 mile from our house. Would be great if motion on the Wyzecam could trigger new alexa routines so we can make an audible announcement there is motion at the gate on all echo speakers in our home.

Is this still being worked? Several other camera vendors have implemented the APIs for this and I want to keep all my camera wyzecams.


In terms of priority, we are closing on the Google Home Development and it is the next interface that I would like to have implemented. The interface is called MotionSensor.
So hopefully, we could implement it before the end of Q1 2019. Of course, no promise here.


Alexa users would greatly appreciate having voice alerts from alexa when motion is detected and as part of the Alexa routines.

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I believe @Frederik is looking into adding the motion sensor side to Alexa.

I am as soon as we are shipping google home, we will look into putting it on the schedule for development.


I would live to have the app’s push notifications turned on or off by guard mode’s “Alexa, I’m leaving” or Alexa, I’m home".

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Any update on Alexa Guard integration ?


  1. Can a Wyze sensor (kit) trigger Alexa guard when in ‘away’ mode (without an IFFFT hack) ?

  2. Is there a way to get Alexa Guard to disarm with a “voice-pin” ?

  3. Probability of Wyze introducing a battery powered “keypad” (via the sensor kit bridge), that triggers an ‘away’ and ‘home’ mode (ie. either with Alexa Guard or seperately as a Wyze state )

  4. Probability of Wyze teaming up to provide a low-cost $10/month monitoring service. The same one that ‘RIng’ offers. And that the Alexa App adds Wyze as a security option?

I’m using an even “hackier” IFTTT method.

When my router detects that my phone has disconnected, it triggers a routine that makes my Google Home speaker say “Alexa, enable Guard Mode” which the Echo speaker hears and obligingly does. Something similar happens when I get home.

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I’d like to know too. My main wish is when I tell Alexa to guard, it’ll turn on push notifications. So it’ll change my app from home-away and vice versa.

For those asking, yes, Alexa guard is up and running. I’d also love to see it turn on push notifications! This is my top request!

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Yes, Same here, would love for the cameras to turn on and start pushing notifications and guarding when we tell Alexa we are leaving and the guard turns on.

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yes, for glass breaking and carbon monoxide detection…