Alexa Guard Mode and push alerts

Hello everyone, I’ve been away for a bit, but have searched for an answer with no luck. I appologize if its right under my nose!

While Alexa’s guard mode (listening for glass breakage or smoke alarm sounds) is as easy as saying “Alexa I’m leaving” and “Alexa I’m home”, I would LOVE to be able to have that action enable/disable push notifications in the Wyze app.

Any experience with this?



I use a pair of IFTTT applets to accomplish this.

Leaving home turn notifications on.

Arrive home turn notifications off.


I just use two shortcuts. One labeled Home and one Away. I tap the appropriate one as I enter or leave.

Also use Alexa Away Mode at the same time. It would be cool if you could add shortcuts to Alexa Routines.

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Exactly what I would love to do. Tell Alexa I am leaving and “she” would turn on push notifications.

I want to do the same thing. I like to use both, and right now, I have to manually enable them both. You CAN do location-based things, as @rbruceporter showed. But there are two problems with tying Wyze to Alexa’s away mode. One is that Wyze doesn’t have shortcuts/rules tied to Alexa routines at all yet. (I hope that’s coming soon)

The other problem, which is out of Wyze’s hands, is that Alexa doesn’t currently support tying ANY routine to away mode. I have to imagine they’ll change that soon, as it seems so obvious. But I can’t even make Alexa turn off my lights when I say “Alexa, I’m leaving” unless I override the default “Alexa, I’m leaving” functionality entirely.

I did manage to work around that (turning out lights, etc) by making a separate Alexa routine. First, I say “Hey Alexa. Bye.” That triggers a routine. Alexa says “Goodbye,” then turns off my lights after 60 seconds. After that, Alexa says “Okay, Google. Bye.” Then my Google Home replies “Hey Alexa, I’m leaving,” which then activates Alexa Guard. Haha. It’s a stupid workaround, but it works.

If Wyze could tie shortcuts to Alexa, everything would work perfectly as I want.

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Looks like guard support may be in the works…