Wyze Home Monitoring - Home and Away modes using Google Assistant


I have Google Smart Devices (Google home mini, Hub) across my home and use it for routines and automation. One thing I was looking for is to set Home and Away mode on Wyze using Google Assistant. I am unable to find any option on Wyze App for Google nor any option on Google routines for Wyze monitoring.

Any suggestions or recommendations?

Thank you!

I’m after the same thing.

Initially I set up an Assistant Routine when leaving the house to tun on mobile data and turn on notifications, on Wyze App which seemed to work.

Then when trying to do an automation for coming home (just the opposite), I couldn’t get it to work at all.

Unfortunately I made a few adjustments to the first one (leaving home), and added a few more tasks, and now that won’t work either.

It’s very frustrating. I wondered if I couldn’t turn notifications off, with assistant as in the app you have to choose a snooze time?

I also tried asking for the ‘home’ and ‘away’ triggers in the Wyze App but as it’s a similar name for Google routines, the assistant got very confused and started it’s own routine again. Lol.

I can try changing names of Triggers, or Google Routine or getting IFTT, but have no idea if any of those will be successful.

I hope someone has had some luck with just getting Google assistant to simply turn Wyze notifications on and off, and can help… Please?

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