A way to set Away and Home in an Alexa routine

I have two Alexa routines when I say, Alexa, I am leaving, it sends commands to my Smartthings to Arm Away and turns on Alexa Guard. I would like to see a waybto set Wyze to Away. Alexa, I am home would then set Wyze to Home. This can be a trigger button, like a trigger button that can set the Wyze system to the Away and Home settings I’ve set in the Wyze app. In fact, all routines that are set in Wyze should be a trigger added to Alexa (and Google and Homekit and Home Assistant). Then, I dont have to open the Wyze app to run routines set in the Wyze app. Thanks

I am sooooo anxious for the introduction of triggers and actions for the HMS modes. Since its release, the HMS has been quarantined from all automation rules and routines.

But, there is hope that this is still being developed:

All the requests to open the HMS up to automation are within the #wishlist. You can search there and find specific topics that will cover this.

You are using Android, so this would work for you, but is a bit complicated to set up. I currently have my HMS fully voice and shortcut button automated. I have Alexa Voice Commands for: I’m Up, I’m Leaving, I’m Home, Bed Time. I also have a home page shortcut icon for Disarm, Home, and Away.

Since the Disarm, Home, and Away functions of the HMS can’t be executed by any rule or routine, a third party app is needed to simulate all the clicks you would be performing to accomplish these functions. I use MacroDroid to do this.

I have shared some of these macros here:

If you are interested in going that route, I can give you some starters. It isn’t perfect and still has some issues that need to be ironed out, but I am steadily making progress.


The biggest limitation on this actually comes from Alexa. They are limiting Home Security status updates to their Alexa Guard Plus service. They want people to pay $5/mo to control their security system.

Having said that, Alexa Guard plus says on their website that they are intending to support Wyze! We just have to wait for them to allow it. The problem is that Amazon just barely laid off 10K employees, with the Alexa division being downsized the most. So they are running into some delays there.

For now, Slabslayer has some workarounds listed.
Other people have figured out ways to do this with Home Assistant too, but that is a little more complex.


I will be switching from Smartthings to Home Assistant when I move to my new home. I am moving from Texas to Arizona. I have not switched over yet because I want to start from scratch. Started doing smart home about four years ago just using Alexa and upgrading to Smartthings. Now I am ready for Home Assistant. Going to use a cheap thin client to set on up. I am looking forward to this new venture in a larger home.

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