Leak detected and siren woke the dead!

All capable interior cams :wink:

My rule also turns the color bulbs in the living room and kitchen red if a leak is detected


Oooh… now I need to add that! thumbup



Thanks for sharing. If you are a Wyze Home Monitoring customer, we have done all the automation for you. Simply adding the Leak sensor to “Monitored Sensors” list, we will use all means to remind you about the Leak—Hub alerting sound, SMS & call (no police, don’t worry), and Critical Alert for iOS.


Thank you for the great reminder! :+1: My problem is that I’m frequently in meetings in my home office. My phone and tablets (Android) are usually silenced at this time and my Hub can’t be heard as it’s on a different floor. My kludge is a temporary solution until Wyze markets add-on sirens for the Home Monitoring Hub. I’ll take 3 of those please! :smiley:


HMS mode switching and status as a trigger is on the way.


I am really excited for this! :star_struck:


Yes! Thank you for the heads-up! thumbsup


Wow. That’s what we’re talking about it. Happy to know you are open to feedback!




Absolutely cannot wait! Soooooo pumped!

Keep the V3Pro! I’ll take HMS Mode Switching and Status Trigger all day every day and twice on Sunday!

I am literally installing 5 Wyze plugs now and updating their firmware on an indoor and an outdoor siren to set up the same way for my HMS and Leak Detectors!

Will have some extra plugs when this comes thru!



Not to mention the new “Loud siren” on the Roadmap! I’m dying for that too! Very exciting updates coming.


Yes. Excited for that. But will be redundant for me. Just installed a 130db dual tone outdoor horn siren & 103db dual tone indoor screamer siren. Now I just have to build the 30+ rules for all the sensors to activate them and the master rules to arm them. Would really be helpful if we could build multi-trigger rules!


there’s a water main shutoff in the near future. cant wait

I have the Dome, which is no longer available. Some models have a proprietary valve, which might be an issue if the valve leaks. The Dome clamps on to the existing ball valve. It has plenty of torque and has been great for over 3 years.

there are similarly designed models of Dome on amazon now for 40 bux!

Great news!
This is an absolute must for proper HMS automation.
Just. Can’t. Wait.

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Good to hear
I was just shopping for a new system

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Until we installed on work computer employee time tracker software. I often worked in an office. Оne day I forgot to turn on the faucet in the kitchen. Thank God My Wyze Leak Sensor Probe detected the issue, preventing a flooded kitchen and I arrived home before lots of damage. :grin:

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My first leak!!! HMS Hazard Remediation with Leak Sensor Saved the day!!!

I mean basically my first real leak EVER.

We’re remodeling our upstairs kitchen. We had to replace the dishwasher and kitchen sink valves (they wouldn’t turn off). After replacing them, we turned the main water back on and everything looked fine: NO VISIBLE LEAKS upstairs. We went on tearing down the rest of the upstairs kitchen (removing the floor, ceiling, cabinets, etc), when suddenly the HMS hub was beeping, like an entry delay. I was really confused since it’s not during the nighttime armed schedule and no visitors could’ve turned on the HMS by accident.

So after disarming it, I looked and wouldn’t you know it, it said my basement laundry room washer sensor detected a leak (the washer is on the basement floor right underneath where the upstairs kitchen sink and dishwasher pipes are). I ran downstairs and checked, and sure enough, there was a significant amount of water falling from the ceiling right above the Washer. We couldn’t tell that anything was wrong from the upstairs kitchen because while putting on the new valve, it caused a leak in the pipe way farther down at a joint down under the upstairs floor in the basement ceiling right above the basement washer in a piece that must have been weak or about to break anyway. We would’ve never seen it or known anything about it for several hours since it was hidden from our view from upstairs.

Here it is hanging from the basement ceiling with the water turned off now, about to be cut and replaced (that 90-degree piece was leaking):

Here is it fixed up:

It might’ve flooded my whole basement without me having Wyze Leak sensors tied to the HMS Hazard Remediation to force a HMS Hub alert. I would’ve definitely not paid any attention to a simple App “Push Notification”…and nobody was downstairs because we were all working on the kitchen and would have been up there for a long time longer, never noticing for HOURS. There would’ve definitely been damage! Maybe A LOT of damage before anyone noticed. The Hazard Remediation upgrade forcing the Hub to make noise saved me a lot of money today. The hub, HMS, and leak detectors more than paid for themselves now! I highly recommend them!!! Put them EVERYWHERE you have pipes and drains! It’s worth it! I can definitely understand why Home insurance companies now give such discounts for things like “Leak monitoring”…the cost-benefit payoff is huge!

@WyzeRyan @WyzeJasonJ Thanks for the great products. Keep up the great work!

For the curious, today was just kitchen demolition day

Edit: Look a couple of comments below for the second leak that just happened a couple of days later in a different spot, this time while I had no Internet or power, and Wyze STILL alerted me even without internet or power!!


The tear-down is looking good and I am glad to hear they worked as they were supposed to. The only thing I personally would not be a fan of is using the sharkbite fittings as a repair that will not be easily accessed when complete. That may just be me not having enough faith in them yet as opposed to the old-school sweating.

Do you mind if I pass your story along internally?