Wyze Home Monitoring: Self Monitored Mode ASAP

I don’t care about ANY wyze notifications (especially from people who have shared to me) EXCEPT HMS “siren-ing”. Over time, I’ve adjusted the android’s wyze notifications settings to the point where I’m good… except I also don’t get HMS “siren-ing” notifications either.

If I could ONLY get HMS “siren-ing”, I may even wear my watch more, and, have my watch tell me when there is an issue at my home.

When I want to take Noonlight out of the loop to do testing on motion sensors that have caused false positives, I just leave it in Test Mode. That turns it into a ‘Self Monitored’ system (something not available without the HMS Subscription) that will still send me push notifications if on duty sensors are tripped.

I have MacroDroid set to blow up my phone and blast the most annoying siren known to mankind at full volume while continually screaming “SECURITY BREACH” at me for like a full minute (I stacked the siren and voice source files one on top of the other in the Macro) as soon as the push notification comes in.

Works well.

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Test Mode disables critical alerts on iOS.


I appreciate all the info… I just got it all fixed. It is now in “test mode”… cuz any additional false alarm would bill me $50 from the city.

I had to adjust a bunch of settings, including on the phone of a person who shared their wyze cam V2 with me. Also, after testing, I know that the notifications are sent via the “WyzeMessage” component of the android notification categories.

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I wish you could use the home monitoring system without a subscription, no 24 seven monitoring as an option, so you just have a siren and it will not contact dispatch.

As well as multiple monitoring locations.


A user did come up with a creative workaround to the lack of an external Siren. This will work without the HMS Subscription since it doesn’t use the HMS arming state as a trigger but uses routines on the sensors as a trigger. Since the sensors are all usable as triggers with the Hub without the subscription, it should work for your situation to activate a siren and notifications without a subscription, just not the Hub siren. In theory, this would turn it into a self monitored system, armed with a routine or rule outside of the HMS Monitoring tab, with a siren and push notifications.

Offer self monitoring option for the home monitoring system

Wyze please allow the option to choose between a self monitoring system or a professionally monitored system.

Some of us do not need the professional monitoring and do not want to pay a subscription.

We also would like to use the keypad to arm the system and use the hub for the alarm but we cannot unless we pay for the subscription.

Ability to use Keypad for actions without subscription

I live out of the US and wanted to buy self security system; not willing to have professional service, just a simple standalone home monitoring system which allows me to know what’s going on at home while I am not in it.

I have purchased the Home Monitoring Kit, as well as, some v3 cams. I have been able to pair all the devices into the app and can set up rules/shortcuts for making sensors notify me when they sense movement or when being opened/closed. However, at this point I still have not found any way of making the keypad work as desired. Even worse, they keypad is completelly useless.

My proposal is to enable the basic Keypad features so those, like me, that can’t use the subscription service can still make the use of the full kit.

Expectation would be:

  • have the ability to link Home/Away/Disarmed modes against a shortcut (I could then go and create a shortcut for each of these modes where I define all the rules I need to encapsulate on each mode)
  • have the ability to setup a PIN/code without the need of subscription
  • have the ability to change between the modes by using the PIN (ot to customize not to need it)

Hope Wyze people can read this and provide some comments, this will be really appreaciated. Even more, I would definitely consider to buy some more sensors as this could be exactly what I need. Otherwise, I will need to search for another provider who fits my simple needs, such as SimpliSafe, Ring, etc, etc.


Eufy offers this

Their system offers the exact same as wyze with no monthly subscription

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Eufy offers both the option for self monitoring OR professional monitoring. Wyze ONLY offers professional monitoring

You went straight to the subscriptions bc they also offer that as well

BUT they also have an alarm system that comes with the base , keypad , hub, 2 contact sensors , and a motion sensor with or without a subscription

Which is why I said Eufy offers the exact same thing as Wyze for free!

Hope this helps


Please watch this video it explains it better , Eufy offers both self monitoring for free and a professional monitoring with a subscription

I’m confused , can you elaborate some more on this…

Not that I know of no

Can you send a link to what you’re referencing to .

Again the eufy alarm kit I’m linking comes with the option to choose between a self monitoring system or a professionally monitored system.

Here’s a link of reviews and videos if you haven’t seen them . They give the option for both a self monitoring system FOR FREE and a professional monitoring system that comes with a payment subscription if you choose to

Wyze only offers a professional monitoring system which renders the keypad and hub to be used as an alarm as useless if you do not pay for the subscription

Wyze Home Security Core Kit: Hub, Keypad, Motion Sensor, Entry Sensors (x2); Compatible w/ Wyze Cam, Leak & Climate Sensors; 3 Mo. of 24/7 Professional Monitoring Service Incl., Subscription Required https://a.co/d/bkws2BR

Eufy and Wyze both offer a key pad , contact sensors , motion sensors , and a hub . That’s what i based my comparison to , I didn’t include the leak sensor or climate sensor bc I didn’t need those.

Again , please review the system online . It’s repeated that the eufy system offer a free self monotony option that you can choose to be able to use the keypad to arm the system and the hub as an alarm . Wyze does not

If Wyze offered a self monitoring option , I’d be all over it but they don’t which makes me have to go to a competitor . I doubt Wyze will offer a self monitoring option , as they are pushing hard for their subscriptions these days

Plenty of review videos state that it’s free if you choose the self minoring option

Please watch these videos , ALL of them state their is a free self monitoring option which you do not need to pay for a subscription to use both the keypad and hub as an alarm

Hope this helps !

Good day


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That is not related to what my original discussion was about . I said that the eufy alarm system was the same as the wyze home monitoring system.

The link you’re providing is for a subscription you can add to the Eufy cameras . Think of it as Cam Plus Pro . It’s the same , you can use your wyze cameras to set them up to be used as a security system

Now why you brought that up, wasn’t necessary bc again ; I didn’t mention anything about that subscription

This is false . I never once mentioned anything about a sense kit . What I was referring to was the wyze home monitoring system

I said that the eufy home alarm kit

eufy Security 5-Piece Home Alarm Kit, Home Security System, Keypad, Motion Sensor, 2 Entry Sensors, Home Alarm System, Control from The App, Links with eufyCam, Optional 24/7 Protection Service https://a.co/d/4eXVAZq

Offers everything the wyze home monitoring system offers FOR FREE. And that’s true

Wyze Home Security Core Kit: Hub, Keypad, Motion Sensor, Entry Sensors (x2); Compatible w/ Wyze Cam, Leak & Climate Sensors; 3 Mo. of 24/7 Professional Monitoring Service Incl., Subscription Required https://a.co/d/3s0i0z6

All you have to do is see for yourself .



This is incorrect , the eufy home alarm kit and the wyze home monitoring system are the same. The only differences are that Eufy offers a self monitoring option and Wyze does not . Wyze offers leak and climate sensors , Eufy does not . Those are the only differences.

This is incorrect again

The link I provided was the link you initially provided . That was you. I repeat again , the plan you’re linking to is a subscription where you can add Eufy cameras and use them as a security system . It’s exactly like Cam Plus Pro . I’ve told you this already

You’re making this more difficult than it has to be my friend

The eufy home alarm kit offers a self monitoring option. I’ve provided everything you need , you have thrown around incorrect misinformation for completely different topics

In this includes screenshot I circled “optional 24/7” bc eufy gives you the option to choose between a professionally monitored system or a self monitoring system . Which Wyze does not ! That is correct , if Wyze offered a self monitoring option I’d go with wyze but they love cramming their subscriptions down our throat

Eufy offers a self monitoring option !!

Please check and read the description for yourself

Limited-time deal: eufy Security 5-Piece Home Alarm Kit, Home Security System, Keypad, Motion Sensor, 2 Entry Sensors, Home Alarm System, Control from The App, Links with eufyCam, Optional 24/7 Protection Service Amazon.com

Why’d you delete your comments ? :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

The systems are NOT the same, you show it with your own words. Eufy does provide a self monitoring but the do not have leak and climate sensors. Wyze HMS is built around the Wyze Sense Hub it is the core of HMS so when talking about Wyze HMS you have to talk about the sense kit since you can’t have HMS without it.

It boils down to what is best for whoever is using the system, if you want self monitoring without a subscription Wyze is not the way to go. I use self monitoring with Wyze by leaving it in Test Mode, yes I still have to pay a subscription but that is my choice.

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Both systems do the same . Monitor your home , though they have differences . Wyze doesn’t offer self monitoring and had a climate/leak sensor . Eufy has self monitoring AND professional monitoring but doesn’t offer climate/leak sensor . But that’s not important to me bc I don’t need it . But they’re the same , they monitor your home

What I was basing the similarities was for the hub, keypad , contact and motion sensors . Those are what makes them the same . The rest are add ones and features

All in all though if Wyze didn’t push the professional monitoring then I’d go with the wyze system but they don’t because they wanna push their subscriptions on us . :man_shrugging:t4: