Disable police dispatch - Wyze home monitoring

I saw the related wishlist item (Wyze Home Monitoring: Self Monitored Mode ASAP) and I fully support that one, too. But I’m looking for an option with monitoring where someone tries to get in touch with you and/or an emergency contact, but will not call law enforcement, police, etc.

This would also be useful in the future if/when there is monitoring for, e.g., fire and fire dept dispatch. I would love to have the fire dept dispatched but never want anyone to call the police to my house.

For what it’s worth. I leave mine in test mode. You’ll be notified and make the call yourself. I don’t trust their service. Too many glitches and delayed captures. I don’t want false alarms triggering Fire, Police or Ambulance. In Dallas Texas a permit is required and I believe you get one, maybe two false alarms before you begin getting fined. I have other security services that I use and trust. Beginning to worry about Wyze. A quick look at their BBB ratings D is concerning.

Yes ! I am thinking the same thing of leaving in test mode.

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