Wyze Home Monitoring System should call more than one (1) phone number

The Wyze system will call one phone number you provide. If no answer, Noonlight (which promises 24/7 monitoring by real people) will then call your local police. That might be OK in some towns, but I live in Los Angeles. The LAPD does not respond to burglar alarms. However, the LAPD might fine the homeowner $316 unless the homeowner can prove it was NOT a false alarm. (The fine for every subsequent false alarm increases by $100.) Like most of my neighbors, I pay a private security company that patrols the neighborhood and promises “Armed Response” to alarms. (They work with other companies’ monitoring systems as well as their own.) Unfortunately, the Wyze/Noonlight monitors will not call my Armed Patrol and Response Security Company. After the one phone call to me, the next call is the local police. I did discover a workaround by keeping the system in “Test” mode so it doesn’t call the police.
I have the “ring” system installed, and it is a much better system. “Ring” will call the 1st number, if no answer they’ll call a 2nd number, if no answer they will call the 3rd number, which in my case is the Armed Patrol Security company phone number I provided in the on-line setup. (I also have a “traditional” alarm system at my business. They’ll call 6 or 8 numbers before sending their own armed patrol officer.) Also within the “ring” app, there’s an option to specify to either call the police, or do not call the police unless I request it while on the phone with them. In brief: Noonlight should call at least 3 numbers (one of which could be a private armed patrol). And we customers should have the option to specify whether or not Noonlight will call the police.

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Here is some info from a recent Reddit AMA.


thanks, same here on the request for alternate numbers. I will not cancel my ADT until I know that I can use a 2nd number, especially when out of town or country. The 2nd call number has saved the police or fire department being called out because I was out of the country or unavailable.


This is an absolute necessity for ANY home security system. It is completely useless without it. I’m shocked that this is missing after I already purchased and installed the system.


Totally agree, the system is useless without alternate numbers. You can’t really enable monitoring on this system until this problem is corrected.

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I had originally requested that Noonlight call more than one phone number (including for example the homeowner’s private security company) and not call the local police. An incident occurred in my area last week that illustrates the problem. Last week a vagrant who is probably mentally ill, got into an ordinary house in the Bel Air neighborhood of Los Angeles. He killed the children’s parakeets, showered, and walked around naked like he owned the place. After confronting the intruder who refused to leave, the homeowner jumped off a 2nd floor balcony and called the police and the private security company, ACS. (This story went viral nation-wide on the TV news, probably because there’s so much weird video. Google “naked intruder Bel Air” for news coverage.) The homeowner told me that ACS armed patrol officers got there within 20 minutes and apprehended the intruder. (A burglar would have been long gone in 20 minutes, but this mental case would not leave.) According to the homeowner, the LAPD did not get there for another 35 minutes after ACS detained the intruder. In other words, the LAPD got multiple emergency calls from the homeowners and the security company that an intruder was in their home and it took LAPD almost an hour to show up. This wasn’t a slow response to a Wyze burglar alarm that might be a false alarm. This is the LAPD taking almost an hour to respond to 911 calls from the homeowners that “an intruder is in my house right now!” If a Wyze alarm is triggered, there is no point in Noonlight calling the LAPD, but a private security patrol might get there in time to apprehend a burglar.

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There are instances when I am not near my phone orbit doesn’t have the best reception. It would be nice if there was an option to add a secondary contact to the home monitoring services. For instance, if I do not respond to the text or push alert, when the alarm is triggered, the secondary contact would be be attempted to be reached prior to dispatching emergency services.


How is an additional phone number still not an option?

I thought this system was going to be a worthwhile purchase, and something I could recommend and spec for clients, but it appears it still isn’t ready for primetime.

Very sad.

I think it’s either an issue with the api between noonlight and Wyze or perhaps a pricing issue from noonlight to Wyze. Maybe both.

I purchased the monitoring service and have not used it once until they allow a 2nd number to be an option. I have another service that I continue to pay for that I would like to get rid of. If this is a cost issue, then allow for the consumers to decide if that cost is something they want to pay for

Wyze is working on this wishlist item:


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Come on, how is this not implemented yet?? Super basic functionality here guys…

A previous request for the ability to add additional HMS contact numbers and to change contact number has been implemented as reflected in this #roadmap topic: Ability to add and change phone number for home monitoring

However, the implementation only allows additional numbers to be added for a shared user, not for the primary user account. Further, the shared user’s number will only receive text notification, not voice call.

This is a request for the ability to add additional phone number(s) to the primary user account that will receive both text and voice notification.

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100% this. Why did they even implement adding a shared user’s phone number if it can’t be used to contact them in case of an emergency? This is super basic functionality that I’m baffled isn’t implemented yet.

This morning our alarm was triggered, but I was asleep and didn’t hear the texts/calls, our alarm made no siren sounds, and my husband was unaware since there’s no way to have Noonlight call him if I con’t answer.

According to the FAQ:
*When setting up your Wyze Home Monitoring system and adding your Contact Information, you can add a shared user to receive phone calls/texts. This means that in the event of an alert, the primary phone number will be contacted first by Noonlight to verify your safety. *

If the primary number can’t be reached a shared user will be notified.

I just happened to be considering wyze hm with Noonlight since we just got new home ins and they offer a hefty discount for monitoring. Think I might try the camplus pro option since it’s even cheaper and no hub keypad or sensors to fuss with.


I would like to have a shared contact without a Wyze account.

Note: The use case here is different than the “Emergency contact” feature, I would like the person to get the SMS from Noonlight and be able to answer with the secret word to clear an alarm.

Important: I would like to have this for a shared contact without the Wyze app, nor a Wyze account.

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For at least two years customers have been asking Wyze to have Noonlight call a 2nd phone number if they can’t reach me.
For me, it would mean making a telephone call to the the company with armed security guards that I pay monthly to respond to alarms–instead of calling the local police who do not respond to alarms. It wouldn’t take any software change or anything to implement that essential feature. Wyze still hasn’t done it. I have to use a different alarm system.

Hi Knick, it’s been delivered. To use it, please share your HMS first, then check Home Monitoring Settings / Shared Accounts, click the people you want to add a phone number, on the people’s page, click the people card again, then turn on Notify Contact. You should be able to add phone numbers from there.


I beg to differ @WyzeRyan . They will only contact the second number after they’ve dispatched police. This has been confirmed by Wyze Support chat this morning.

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Under HMS / People / People in my home, I have added my wife, switched on text confirmation, added her name and phone #. Will she be called if I’m not available or does she just have the ability to cancel by replying to the text?

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