Alternate way to notify more than one person of the Home Monitoring alarm

I’ve been a Wyze customer for a number of years now and very happy with my V2 and now my V3 cams. I needed a decent alarm system for a building I own and I thought this would be a perfect time to dive into the Wyze Home Monitoring Systems and give a try. There are a few features that bother me and I hope in the future Wyze will upgrade some of it’s features but the one that really bothers me is the one person alert limitation. I really don’t understand why it can’t be multiple recipients and that really disturbs me. Enough that I’m considering returning my system before I go through the trouble to unbox it and perhaps getting a Ring system. I really want to try the Wyze product as I really believe in this company and their mission.
Is there anyone that has thought of a way to alert more than one person with this system? Perhaps using a wyze cam with sound detection on when the system is armed? This would at least send out a push notification to everyone. I mean, I’d hate for the alarm to go off and my phone had run out of battery, in the shower, out mowing the lawn…I mean there are tons of reasons why there needs to be a secondary person notified. We can’t always be connected to our phones!

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No way to get a secondary notification from NoonLight. I think you can get alerts if you use the same Wyze account on the phones, but that means shared access to all functions so not an option unless you trust the other person completely.

Well, that’s not an issue as the other person would be my wife! I just think there should be the option for multiple people to be notified. I don’t want the police being called to my location if it’s a false alarm. Are you saying that we also get push notifications from Wyze if the alarm goes off in addition to the text/phone call from NoonLight? That could be acceptable as at least my wife could call NoonLight back to cancel the authorities with our safe word even if I was not available.

I can’t say for certain because I NEVER activate mine. I found it to be problematic and not worth it for me. Both phones would receive the same alerts from Wyze, whatever they are, but not from NoonLight. Also, not sure how you’d call NoonLight to cancel the alarm. Any text messages are only going to go to ONE phone and I don’t think there is any published phone number to call. Also not sure NoonLight would accept a call from a non-registered number.