Turn on notifications on all apps when one person leaves the house

I’ve just set up my first couple of cameras in our house. I’m hoping to be able to get rid of our old school monitored house alarm. So far so good!

But I need some help with trying to get both my wife’s app and my app to somehow share the ‘status’ of the house. So that if, for example, my wife goes out during the day and turns on the cameras, then I’ll also get alerts if anything happens. At the moment, while we can share the cameras across each phone, the rules are separate. So I need to just know when she has left the house to turn on the alerts for my phone. Surely there is a way of linking the two together?

My wife and I use the same credentials to login to the Wyze app. We don’t use device sharing precisely because of what you are running into.

If you both use the same account for Wyze then it works well.


Sharing didn’t work for my use either so we use one account on multiple devices.


I am trying to figure out how to do this as well. I only want the cameras on when both my wife and I leave. If one of us comes home, I want them to turn off.