Wyze Alarm Sound to play thru Echo Dots

I set off of the alarm when leaving the house while wife was in the master bath and she did not hear it. I did not hear it as well since in left through the garage and drove away. I got the notice from noonlight while driving. I guess there is no backup notification to a second person??? Anyway the wife did not get the notification, so by the time I could respond to the text they had already dispatched the police. Police came and all is good, but would like the alarm to sound through the Echo Dots as I have many around the house. The alarm sound from the Hub is not loud enough to be heard in the back of the house.
Two questions:
1 - Can alarm sound be pushed through the echo dots?
2 - Is there a secondary notification to a second (backup) person?

Answer to both questions is no. You can setup Alexa to Notify you of sensor triggers via routines using announcements, but that’s the only option right now.

There are wish list items for more alarm devices and for multiple contacts, but neither are likely in the near future.

Is there a secondary alarm speaker that can be placed elsewhere in the house?

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Nope, not yet. It’s one of the things others have requested.

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Yes, Wyze should have a louder alarm sound and/or the ability to tie in a secondary alarm. I see the answer to the Echo Dots question (great idea!). I think another solution might be to have it play an alarm sound through a doorbell chime. They are affordable and could be placed all around a house to help notify everyone.

On another note, I believe that I’ve found a solution for a secondary alarm that’s not too expensive. It’s a little cumbersome to arm and disarm the secondary alarm, but it works for me.

I purchased a small siren from Amazon (couldn’t find one locally). https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07P1FNJTG/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

This siren is Very loud but does need a 12 volt adapter to supply power. It’s got a red and a separate black wire that a charger/power adapter needs to be wired into. In my case I used an old 12v adapter/charger from an older device that quit working, and yes, I’m one of those guys that always saves power supplies just in case I might need it someday… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

After wiring those together, I used a spare Wyze plug to plug it into. Now comes the somewhat cumbersome part.

Since Wyze does not yet have a rule that causes an Action when the alarm system is set off, I created a workaround. Separately from the alarm system, I created a rule for each sensor that causes the Wyze plug to turn on when a motion is detected or a door sensor is opened.

Once the rules are set for all sensors, all you have to do is enable the rules when you arm the system. Now, when someone trips a sensor, the Wyze alarm goes off, and separately, the rules are invoked to turn on the plug which causes the siren to sound (Very Loud). Then disable the rules when you’re home and the alarm is disarmed.

I hope that made a little sense. It works for me, and since there is NO WAY that the Wyze alarm could go off in one part of the house, alerting the criminal and wake someone sleeping in a bedroom, possibly on the other side of the house, with the bedroom door closed. I hope someone finds this helpful or at least is inspired to improve on my setup which I would love to see! Thanks!!! TechnicalLee

Totally technical solution, and I get it, but way over my wife’s head. Need to be able to use one button to turn on and off the whole system with LOUD alarm (best solution for me is to have a rule that causes an Action. This is a problem.

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I totally agree. Hopefully, Wyze will hire more programmers soon.

Need your thoughts
My iPhone would notify me each time my home monitoring was set.
Now it does not. What has changed. Did they make a change in the software or did something change on my end?

Not really sure. I have NEVER actually activated mine. It is always in Test mode and disarmed.

Any comments on this thread? Need notification on iphone when home alarm is set or when it is turned off. Also need a push notification when the alarm goes off.

Try again, any thoughts why setting home alarm system would send notification to iphone, now it does NOT sent. I would really like to have that ability…