Audio Notifications

So I do not want to switch over from my current “security” system until I know for a fact that Wyze has an audible notification for their door/window/cabinet sensors.

I want to be able to set the type of audible notification that I receive within the house from the “siren” (that it is my understanding will come out eventually).

So when a door sensor is triggered the “siren” audible sounds one or two beeps as an example.

When a window sensor is triggered the “siren” audible sounds a wailing sound (police siren), or I can set for one, two or three beeps.

When a cabinet storing alcohol or medications is triggered the “siren” audible sounds one, two, three beeps of wail sound.

This will allow the user to get an immediate audible alert while inside the house as to what has just been triggered by the type of audible notification that is heard by the home owner. This is totally separate and no need to have a cell phone with you to know what just occurred inside the house.

I recommend this because my current system allows this and I had an incident where my 7 year old daughter triggered a door sensor and I immediately knew someone had opened a door. I jumped up outta bed, grabbed my gun, and started checking doors when I observed her standing on the balcony. Thank god she was ok and not sure what she was doing or thinking.

A phone notification is NOT the same, especially when your sleeping and texts messages sound the same as Wyze notifications This audible sound will let everyone in the house know a door, window, cabinet, etc was just triggered.

Yes, when it opens. IF you have the HMS subscription. Additionally you can have “Alexa” devices do chimes for it too.

Not at this time. There is no changing the chime sound from the hub. Wyze has said in many places over the last year that they intend to allow us to link a Chime to the HMS so we can have that. While we don’t know many details about this project, I suspect that we will be able to have those chime devices make any sound we want. We do not have an ETA on that yet. Additionally, Wyze has added a “Loud Siren” to its roadmap. Again, some people have Alexa devices do the chimes in exactly the way requested here.

It is currently one beep, and can only be on or off. To do something different you need to use something like Alexa or wait until their chime device option is released…again, no ETA on that.

You can make a siren go off, either by arming the HMS system which will trigger a siren. Or you can create a rule to have a camera set off it’s siren. Or you can make an alexa device set off a siren when it opens. But you can’t really limit the police siren sound to 3 beeps.

Honestly, what I do is I have Alexa Devices in the house make an Audible Announcement with Text to Speech about what sensor was opened. For example, I have sensors on the gates to my swimming pool. Any time they open, All the Alexas in the main room announce “Pool Gate Opened.” I also have other similar things including different beeps or audio announcements based on sensors or camera detections. I can even make Alexa send me a custom message on my phone, etc. You can also set it up to only do certain messages during certain times and announce the name of the sensor, so you would know “daughter’s window opened” as it announced exactly that in the middle of the night or whatever.

There are also apps like MacroDroid or BuzzKill that will watch Phone notifications and let you convert them to audible beeps, sirens, or text to speech or whatever else you want. I also use these for custom alerts to do things almost exactly as being requested here.

If you want custom audible alerts specifically from Wyze directly, then you should probably wait until they integrate the sensor system with a chime that you can put around your house as they’ve been telling us they plan to release. As I said, no ETA on that yet. If you have or don’t mind using Alexa Speakers, then you can do everything you want right now already. I do it with Wyze and Alexa together right now. It is very cool. My Alexa speaker in my office tells me EVERYTHING going on in my house without me having to even visually monitor anything.


Here is the thing, I don’t have any of those devices such as Alexia or or whatever because I don’t want to pay a monthly fee for a service I can do myself and I don’t like how they literally listen to all your conversations and record them and transcribe everything you or someone says in your home.

I currently have Wink, they are pretty useless, but their siren actually gives the audible notification as to how I set it, 1,2,3, beeps or siren for a triggering event. The hub does not give the audible alert which is good because I may be to far from the hub and not hear the audible trigger. Wink has small but loud sirens that I can place around the house so I for sure am able to hear an audible signal when a device is triggered.

I will not switch over to Wyze until they have this ability, Wyze can NOT say they have some type of security devices for sale when Wyze really doesn’t provide for a siren that allows the home owner AND THE PERPETRATOR to know they just triggered an alarm and scare them off.

It’s free, no monthly fee. But there are certainly people concerned what could be happening with the audio, so I can understand it not being for you. Just wanted to give you the options.

It sounds like it’s best for you to wait until Wyze releases their HMS compatible Chime they’ve been talking about for a while and see how things work at that point.

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