Door & window sensor chimes

Just learning about the great community of wyze and have seen the possibility of sensors in the best future. I believe all door and window sensors should have a chime to go along with a notification to an app.
You shouldn’t just have to rely on the notification to a device to be informed of a opening.

[Mod Edit: This was launched as part of the ‘Tunes’ feature in Wyze Home Monitoring.]

I agree with you. This was the first thing I thought of when I saw the announcement for the Wyze Sense Starter kit.
They have got to do this one.


I am probably not the only one who thought of this, but wouldn’t it be nice if your Wyze cam played a chime when your contact sensor or motion sensor was activated? Right now you will only be relying on your phone to notify you that they have been activated, but what if you don’t have your phone near you or you have it on silent and an intruder comes in? Not to dissuade anyone from purchasing it because it’s still an awesome product, but this seems like something that should be implemented and when I talked to tech support about it, they said that no such feature had been discussed. It seems like it could easily be implemented with a few if then statements. It already has the ability to make a chime when you connect to it. If Wyze is trying to be competitive with other security systems, then it really needs to be a feature that is implemented.


I would just like to add that, as a SimpliSafe user, I’m ready to move to Wyze and eliminate the monthly fee - but not having an audible chime when a door/window opens is a deal-breaker. Needing the smartphone as an alert mechanism is only practical when we are away from home. In the home, the phone is not always with us.

(We own the Wyze startup kit as a test and like it and have the bulbs on pre-order - we want to put Wyze everywhere!)

Using the speaker on the cameras would be fine, but a stand-alone speaker with more “power” would be even better. Thanks!


You currently have multiple devices that can indicate open/closed doors and motion detection, including motion detection in the camera’s. How about some kind of chime that would beep when the sensor closed/opened or sensed motion. Even better would be a second mode that would be a continuous chime until manually reset for an inexpensive alarm system.



I agree. A chime is needed. I can’t imagine it being that hard to create.


I was able to setup one using WiFi Siren such as link below (which works with Smart Life app) & then setting up a recipe with IFTTT.

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I would like to see some kind of simple chime/bell that will make noise when the camera motion detection is triggered.
I currently using Alexa with IFTT to send notification, but there is a delay. I want a device that will “ding” when motion is detected. if I’m working in garage, or workshop, I don’t necessarily have my phone with me. It would be great if I can place several chimes in different area of the house, and as soon as any of the cameras (or one specific camera or group) detect motion.
Similar to a door bell idea, but I don’t need a button that needs to be pressed…


Cant you create an Alexa routine to play a noise when motion is detected or a sensor is opened? I have a Wyze open/close sensor in my mailbox where Alexa announces that “mail is here” when the contact sensor shows open. It’s not 100% perfect, but works 95% of the time.

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I submitted the above as a new topic and meant it as a chime that can be triggered by camera’s motion detection. (Edited the above post so it’s a little more clear…)

I tired to find a way to setup Alexa to say something or make noise when motion is detected, but the only way I found was using IFTTT which sometimes delay as much as 5min or even longer…

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I’m pretty sure we are talking about the same thing. Here is my Alexa routine for my open/close sensor Mail announcement. It’s not actually an announcement, I have my dining Room Echo stating “mail is here”.

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At this time Alexa can only trigger from contact sensors. PIR sensors and camera motion detection cannot trigger an Alexa routine.

This is true. Sorry I saw the name “door and window sensor chimes” and assumed the discussion was about the sense kit. Unfortunately the camera motion detector does not trigger Alexa routines. Which for me is a major hole in fuctionability. I hope they change that before they release a doorbell. Using the camera motion as a trigger for Alexa is the only reason I wouldn’t swap out doorbells. I HATE my ring doorbell…

This is great! I was thinking about doing the same thing. Is there anything tricky about making the IFTTT recipe? Do you basically have it set so that when a door opens the alarm goes off? Is it easy to automate turning the siren off when you want to? Thanks!

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Not necessarily. It turns out, the siren which I am using can only go on for defined duration. So, I’ve set it to 4s in which it completes a ‘ding-dong’ chime.

When going on a long vacation, I plan to set it to a longer duration with some siren-like sound. This is something not configurable via IFTTT so has to be done manually.

If you want to, setting up to stop on door close would just be as easy as configuring with door open with different recipe.


I’m going to give the iSmartAlarm system a try. I found a great deal on a refurbished package. It’s supposed to work with IFTTT. Thanks.

We just ditched Simplisafe for Wyze as well and have the same problem about the door chime


Or how about through a Google Home or Alexa speaker if you have them already connected to your Wyze Sensors (and in every room TBW)?..

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You can connect wyze sensors to alexa/create routines, to stay certain door open, certain door open, setup an alarm system, have notifications come to your phone, to notify you, when your not home.

Honestly all kinds of things can be done, I get an audible and a text message notification, saying the mail has been delivered, and when the motion, in the mailbox is triggered, a video/certain camera is triggered, to turn on/start recording.

This seems like an obvious feature for the new home monitoring system as the base station can play sounds. To have a simple chime when a contact sensor opens and closes would be fantastic!