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Hello, I have an issue and more an idea. I have person detection. While it does great detecting a person it doesn’t do so great letting me know… especially at 3am when I’m asleep. My friends that use cameras from other caneras also have this issue.

The issue is that one quick ding just like a text or any other wyze notification doesn’t wake me up. Even several dings from texts at night don’t usually wake me up. But an alarm does wake me up.

Is there a way you can create a notification choice where if a person is detected it will do more than one ding on my phone. A continuous sound. Or even 5 or 10 dings in a row?
I would love to be able to wake up one night and call the police on the people breaking into my car.

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If you have Alexa, and you’re lucky, you may be able to set up routines based on Person Detection. I have one set up in my garage to turn on a light for 30 minutes when it detects a person.
I say and you’re lucky because the ability in Alexa is sporatic. Out of 8 Wyze cams I have 3 that allow the Person Detection routines. There is no reason why.


Yep, and even without configuring a routine, the default “Person Detected at (location)” voice announcement can be plenty loud if your Alexa speaker is nearby. My whole house sounds up every time there is someone at the door (well, 15 seconds after they are at the door).

I would think that the solution lies within your control. First, can you adjust settings on your cell phone related to specific notifications? Change the alert if you can, to a ring tone for example. Repetition of the alert, whatever you can control.

Also, as others have mentioned, use triggers creativity. Alexa announcements, lights turned on, TVs turned on, etc…

I happen to wear the Wyze Band, I set it to vibrate for certain alerts. This also worked when I wore a Garmin band. Lot’s of ways to annoy ones self to be woken from sleep, if that is ones desire.

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