Person detection and night time alerts?

Hey guys, so I have V2 cams I have Cam+ and at night I’d like to be alerted in a way that will wake me up if a person is detected.

I have the app on my IPhone and during the day that’s fine though I hope the wishlist item of having a separate alert sound to the default iOS notification is one day delivered. But at night I use DND because I don’t want calls, texts and other apps disturbing my sleep. I do however want to be woken for person detection on my Wyze cams.

Unfortunately iOS doesn’t have any DND exception capabilities so I’m basically finding myself setting up a second device with only the Wyze app on it to alert me… are there any cheap buzzer devices that could be used with Wyze rules? With or without a Wyze plug? Any other options?

Alexa dot goes for 30 bucks every so often …
You can use Camel Camel Camel to notify you when the price drops.

Set Alexa routine to schedule Wyze Person Detection to run at what ever nighttime hours you like.

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Alexa will work with the Wyze sense devices and provide loud time-of-day based alarms. This is one I use for a nighttime car breaking alarm. It works-and loudly!

At the moment it seems Alexa only works with Person Detection change of state on the V2’s.

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I got the Echo Flex for the bedroom, had no idea this model existed. Was $10 with a free smart bulb on Prime day. Got my bedroom nighttime alert with a red alert sound and my office just with an Alexa announcement as sometimes it’s hard to hear the doorbell.

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