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My wife’s wallet and other small items were taken from her car on Saturday at 5:48 am. Definitely mistakes on our part. The camera detected the person.:+1: And we might have a lead. But after all this, I started thinking maybe the app could do more. Maybe others don’t but I get so many notifications from the camera all day. And the sound is the same as an email or other apps. I’m numb to it. Especially when I’m sleeping. One idea I had is if the camera detects a person an alarm sound goes off. And its optional to the user to turn on or off. And also an option to select a time period for this alarm event. Or another option that the emergency alarm is only set when the night vision is on. Which we would probably be sleeping. And I can see this idea maybe everyone isn’t up for but again an option. If the camera sees a person it says something like “Your on camera. Owner is notified” from the camera itself.
I don’t know if features like this exist on other camera. But I feel like if they don’t, this would be a huge selling point. Because after this past weekend all of my neighbors are asking me about them. If their is a better way to give ideas to Wyze let me know. I’ll be sure to do so.
Thanks everyone. First post here.


Im not sure about a different tone/notification we can set specifically for the cams, but, you can set designated notify tones for email, SMS, ect… As for the “You’re on camera, the person is notified”, that would be excellent! Good luck with identifying the perp!
Ps…I’ve turned several people on to these v2 (not impressed with the PanCam) cams. Several of my neighbors now have them and numerous friends and acquaintances. Sorry I’m not more helpful to your needs.

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I’d add these great ideas to the #wishlist!

Theoretically you can set up a rule to perform an action based on Person Detection. Turn on a WYZE plug for example.
The reason I say theoretically is because I’ve never had the Person Detection rule work very well.

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