Home monitoring should send multiple notifications

I’m enjoying my Wyze home monitoring solution
I keep my system in test mode unless I’m gone for an extended time

When my alarm goes off I get ONE notification
Igor an alarm event I would like to be notified MULTIPLE times. Perhaps make it configurable

It’s like if my family really needs me they will call three times in a row

Anyone else miss an alarm notification???!

No. I don’t miss any notifications. However I also don’t run mine in test mode. An alarm for me results in a push notification, a SMS text message from Noonlight, and a phone call from them. I also use a 3rd party app that is programmed to blow up my phone with the most annoying sirens, popups, and flashing lights imaginable for a very long period if my alarm goes off and sends a push notification. Unfortunately, that app is only available on Android. On top of that, I have a rule set for all my security cams to upload a video when the HMS begins an Entry Delay so I get 15 consecutive Smart Alert push notifications before I get the Alarm notification. If the Alarm triggers, another 15 video upload Smart Alert notifications.

It’s very noisy and hard to miss.

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Thanks for the reply
Yeah I’m running iPhone so 3rd party app won’t work
I guess I’m going to have to consider turning off test mode

I was hope for a setting that would have different chime and allow me to put it in “bug me mode”

hello when you get the call from noonlight/acadian, what telephone number are they calling you from??? i want to make sure their number is in my contacts address book to whitelist them to let their calls come through.

i have these numbers:

This is what I have in my contacts. Not sure if those are incoming or outgoing. It’s been forever since I’ve had to deal w\ them. But, it is highly possible they are originating calls from regional ops centers supporting your region.


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I auto-store the numbers they’ve called me from and have this so far:

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What’s the android app ?