Home monitoring not connecting with Noonlight

Anyone experience a situation where home monitoring system has been set up correctly but when the alarm is triggered, Noonlight does not send a notification. I do have an active subscription. Contacted Noonlight and they can not see my alarm being triggered.

Probably a stupid question, did you take the system out of test mode?

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Yes I did…not on test mode

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I’m at a total loss and Wyze support has not been helpful…is the hub faulty?..did Wyze not tell Noonlight I have a subscription?..not sure why this is an issue

Just brainstorming some ideas here…

Do you get an alarm notification from the app?

The notification from the app is NOT phone number dependant. It is between the Wyze server and the app on your phone logged in thru your account credentials.

Noonlight however, is phone number dependant as they are communicating by SMS and Text. If the phone number on the account when setup is different, you may not get anything from Noonlight, but you should still get police response.

Beyond that, the only thing I would check is what @spamoni4 already suggested. You might have to get Customer Support involved.

(206) 339-9646, or you can chat with an agent or create a ticket on the support site.
Open for support between 4 am - 6 pm PT Monday through Friday, and 8 am - 4 pm PT Saturday.

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Agreed @SlabSlayer , thanks for adding additional information

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Yes I did get notification from the app on my phone that says the alarm was triggered. Just saw a firmware update so hoping that will help. Customer Service has not been very helpful but hoping they get back to me.

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Thanks for the reply. So it sounds like the hub is working if it is alarming and alerting you thru the app notification. The link missing is between the Wyze server and Noonlight. Sounds like Wyze needs to address this in-house rather than the outsourced CS service.

You may be right…also have a contact at Noonlight just to cover the bases…Thanks guys for your input and comments…again hoping that Wyze contacts me soon…I’m paying for a service that’s not active…not good

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