Anyone have support issues?

Wzye hub alarm goes off but Noonlight isn’t contacted/no response.

Asking support why since 7/4:
I’m looking for root cause analysis but get instruction to Reset monitoring (obliterate the condition?) and by the way how did I pay for the service? The service is paid up active from 9/23 to 9/23.

I’m wondering how long this has been in a failure state. As I did a Test Mode “test”, it seems this is not end-to-end because no message comes back there from Noonlight (anyway if it should- never was suggested by support to use this supposed Test Mode) It does test that a sensor trips the alarm so the hub can produce its siren/alarm.

Wyze suggested Reset Monitoring but then what am I getting into with that to restore monitoring services. Seems like a very involved and bad route to me. At least tell me what steps are involved following reset so I know beforehand. Are there any other steps Wyze could do?

Guess I should just pray…