Wyze Home Monitoring now useless...no alerts, sirens, nothing!

For the past week at least, the Home Monitoring is broken - when set to home/away and one of the sensors are triggered, there is no siren, no phone call from noonlight, no alert in the app - nothing!

Is anyone else having any problems? No app updated or firmware updates that I am aware of in the last few days.


yes the monitoring tab went blank on mine, cant do anything with my system via app. Not confident about this situation.

I can see everything - it’s just that if a sensor should open or motion be triggered, I get no response - this is supposed to be an alarm system, yet no siren or notification!

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Not good. As mentioned I can’t even see mine. Support promised a return email yesterday that didn’t happen. So after numerous attempts I gave up and looking at alternatives.

Wyze is aware of the situation and is working on a solution. A Service Advisory has been issued. It was previously indicated that the issue was only occuring in the Beta App, however @al_cardinal has also indicated that the issue persists after reverting to the production app. If you are still experiencing this issue, the best place to get information and post your situation and details is in the Service Advisory thread linked below.

Please see these threads:

My issue wasn’t with loading the monitoring tab

I am able to load it just fine - I just wasn’t getting any type of notification if my alarm was triggered - no siren, app alert, phone call… Leaving the system useless.

Luckily I just tested again and everything seems to be working. I hope this was just some weird one off issue.

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I haven’t received notifications for about 2 months! I deleted and reinstalled everything. I turned off notifications then turned back on. It happened during the time of a scheduled maintenance wyze had planned. Now I get a weird ding from the sense hub every time a door sensor is triggered but nothing on my phone. No visual indicator and no sound. I can go into the app and see all of the events just no notifications. I’ve discussed this with two different wyze reps and nobody has gotten in touch with me or asked me for any logs or anything.

Did this happen after an update to the Hub Firmware?

The Tone that an opened contact sensor makes on the hub is set in the Home Monitoring Settings under Tune Settings. Each individual sensor can be set to make that sound or turned off.

Push notifications for each sensor are set within the settings page for each individual sensor.

Also ensure that the App notifications are turned on within the Account → Notifications page.

Lastly, on Android, make sure that the WyzeMessage notification channel is not muted, silenced, or turned off. Depe ding on your Android version and build, it may be accessed a bit differently, however you may find it by accessing the Notification Settings for the Wyze App in your Android settings.

I get that. I’ve literally checked that 20 times with no results.

Not sure what Android version you are running, but it may be possible that the “Sound” setting within each of the WyzeMessage Notification Channels has been set to “None” by the OS. If you want your OS to dictate the Notification Tone for Wyze Push Notifications, this will need to be set to a notification tone selected from your OS Notifications Tone library:

Need to break this down as there are several levels of settings involved with this statement.

The chime ‘ding’ that you hear on the hub when you open a contact sensor can be turned on and off for each contact sensor from within the Monitoring Tab, Home Monitoring Settings, Tunes. There you will designate which installed contact sensors you want to make that chime. This setting is not accessible without a subscription. There are no settings within the HMS Monitoring Tab settings to produce a push notification to your phone when sensors open or close

If you want a push notification every time a contact sensor opens\closes or if a motion detects motion\is clear; these settings are made by opening each sensor individually from the Device List and entering the settings on each individual sensor.

Once you get your HMS Setup completed, you should get a push notification when the system is Armed or Disarmed from the keypad, but not from the app. You will also get a push notification for an active alarm.

Please clarify “See the Events”. The events that are listed in the Events tab are Cam Upload events and are usually not associated with the HMS settings unless you have the cams loaded within the HMS settings as Security Cams and the push notifications enabled for each type of motion.

Sensors can also produce a Cam Video upload event, either from within the sensor settings under “Sensor Videos”, which will upload a Smart Video Alert upload; or from within a rule which will produce an Automation upload event.