Hub - Won't stay online and initiates alarm when disabled

My Wyze system has worked without problems for over a year. A couple of months ago I started finding the door sensors and hub and keypad “offline”. Even while reporting as “offline” the door sensors would chime when doors opened and I could arm and dis-arm the system. Three times in the past 5 months, I have gotten a call from Noonlight because the alarm was triggered. Two of those times I was home and no alarm sounded from the Hub. Today I was in/out one door 5 or 10 times, when suddenly the Hub announces an alarm was triggered so I entered the code and dis-armed. Five minutes later Noonlight calls and says the cops are on the way! The alarm was not set manually but appears to have been somehow triggered.
I am quite knowledgeable with computers and routers and modems, etc. I know my system and I know I have added nothing, removed nothing, changed nothing, in the past 6 months. This has me stumped and, yes I have submitted a log, but hey it’s the 4th so I don’t expect anything right away.

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Same here. My hub is offline for months. Thinking about finding something reliable.