Wyze Sense Hub Shorting Out

Over the past few weeks I’ve been experiencing instances where I come home and do my thing, and suddenly I’m getting texts from Noonlight saying the alarm has been triggered. Obviously I forgot to deactivate the alarm, but because there was no sound reminding me. As it turns out, it’s like the Hub is shorting out or something. It will randomly have instances where I go to set the alarm and it starts to say “arming”, but instead just says “ar…” and goes silent. Then it seems like it restarts, but the issue is not resolved. When this happens the keypad also fails to make a noise. Only when i unplug power and plug back in does it TEMPORARILY fix the issue. Anyone else experienced?

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There are some known bugs on some versions of the hub firmware (and some updates to fix these are currently being tested).

  1. What firmware version do you have on the hub?
  2. Do you have any V1 contact sensors connected to the hub at all?

Only V2 Entry Sensors.

Couple of questions that I was wondering, what is your exit delay set to? And how do you have it powered? I see what looks like a power strip connector plugged in behind the hub, is the hub plugged into that? Have you tried plugging the hub into an outlet by itself for troubleshooting? What is the power adapter that you have it plugged into? The supplied one and cord?

I’ve started seeing something similar. My system is in test mode so no alerts to Noonlight. However, I’ve had a couple of times that the hub just stops working and there is only one of the lights active on top of the hub. If I unplug the power it shuts down until I plug the power back in. No power strip, just straight into my outlet. Working on my pc at the moment so I’ll check the firmware and post the update…should be on current beta.