“ You need to activate Wyze Home Monitoring!” emails

Is anyone else getting emails from Wyze that say “ You need to activate Wyze Home Monitoring!” even though you already have it up and running?

Everything in my app seems ok and I followed the setup steps to the letter but I keep getting the emails and I am concerned my account might not be active with noonlight or something…

It has a code in it to activate and if I try it the page says it’s not valid so I’m assuming I’m just getting the emails in error


I’ve been getting them as well. Seems to be a problem with the activation process. My system is up and running in test mode.

Their shipping system is not linked with the email notification system. They have been sending me reminder to activate on products that they ship via FedEx Smartpost that takes a month to arrive. Seriously.

So… someone breaks into my home, alarm goes off, monitoring works? Yes?

That should be the case. Have you actually triggered any alarms in test mode to see if everything is working?

Test mode means it doesn’t interact with noonlight so I’m not sure what triggering an alarm in test mode will do to confirm my subscription with noonlight is active… but yes alarm triggers in test mode

You can probably switch off test mode and trigger an alarm. That should get a text message and phone call from Noonlight. You could also call Noonlight and ask them how they prefer you test the system. Just make sure if you do trigger the alarm you have your phone with you and that you know your safe word so that they don’t dispatch the local police on a false alarm.