Home Monitoring Service - LOTS of Notifications

This is a user experience nightmare. Here are some issues as a list. Please help.

  1. I get nonstop notifications even when I’m at home from all sensors.
  2. When I ARM the system, we expect notifications to be enabled, especially when we are out of the house and the system is ARMED. But I get no notifications.
  3. When the alarm goes off we do not get any notification. This is risky since I cannot DISARM the Alarm in case I have to do it. Can you please help with how to fix this?
  4. Creating rules and timing is a work-around, but that doesn’t work.
  5. If Wi-Fi goes off for some reason, we don’t have a backup plan. Can you suggest any alternative?

The notifications you get from the sensors ARE NOT part of the Home Monitoring Service but are set for each sensor. If you open the settings for say a contact sensor and look at the notification settings you can change when you receive them. The notification settings are not changed by Home, Away or Disarmed settings within HMS.

As to being notified when the alarm goes off, I think if you have the Wyze app running on your phone at the time it gives an alert so you can disable the alarm from within the app. The whole thing is full of issues right now and isn’t what I’d consider a functional product yet. If wifi goes out your options are extremely limited. I’ve seen a number of posts with ideas for using a mobile hotspot but no official offferings.

Forgot to ask if you are running in test mode? If not, is NoonLight calling you about the sensors being triggered? Does the app show that HMS has an alarm and does the siren activate when armed? Assume you added your sensors to home away mode?

Thanks @WildBill

The app doesn’t show notifications when the alarm is triggered (which was the problem). But then I realized, most of the time I MUTE the notifications since they are just too many all the time. So I don’t remember to enable it when I ARM the system.

I think the Noonlight service works, when an alarm is triggered.

I use Xfinity Security right now and the interface + notifications are super intuitive. It basically knows when to notify you and when not. Which is what I need from Wyze given it’s AI powered intelligence. (or not)

I truly understand. I am testing the system now but have canceled my service for next month as HMS doesn’t meet my needs and probably won’t for the foreseeable future. Really too bad. I had hoped it would be much better than it is.

Did you return the equipment @WildBill ?

I have to now return the KIT and get my refund. This was such a waste of time with this setup. I hoped it was a good one but they are literally starting up.

I purchased the starter kit and selected a monthly plan. Did it that way so that I could keep the hardware after testing. I bought some additional contact sensors as well. The sensors seem to get a better connection to the hub, at longer distances, than the V1s do with the hubs in the cameras.

So I paid the below for the equipment, may be I can keep some but have to return all of this to get the refund, isn’t it?

The annual plan should only require return of the starter kit. However, the other sensors will be unusable without the hub, which is part of the Core Starter Kit. You should consider whether you might just want to keep the starter kit and allow the annual plan to run out. The cost is nearly the same and then all the other hardware will work. You don’t have to use the HMS, but there may be improvements down the line that make it more usable. In the meantime, you have the hardware, if that’s what you want.