Home monitoring and police

At present I have Xfinity home monitoring and the service calls the local police dept. in case of an emergency like a break in. Does the Wyze system do the same thing? If I change to Wyze home monitoring, is this covered?

Ananda de Silva

Wyze HMS uses NoonLight as the monitoring service. If an alarm is triggered they first try to contact you via SMS and a phone call to your cell phone and then call local police if they can’t reach you.

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Thanks, Bill.



Happy to assist. You should do a lot of research on the Wyze system before you switch. Some have found that, after extensive research, Wyze simply doesn’t match their existing system functionality and doesn’t meet their needs. You need to look at the Wyze system to be sure it has the options you need. For example, right now you only have one PIN to arm and disarm the system. Some people need multiples. Also there is currently a firmware issue preventing users from adding sensors to the Wyze hub.

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Welcome to the community @adesilva_1999!

I agree w\ @WildBill. Make sure the HMS will meet your needs first. Also, ask as many questions here in the forum about the system as you want. There are a lot of users who have been with the HMS from the beginning.

I wanted to expand on the monitoring company Noonlight. I have been very impressed with them. When my HMS alarms, I sometimes get the notification from them by text before I can open the push notification from my Wyze system. If I am too slow opening either, my phone rings moments later to ask if all is OK. They are very fast and I do feel safe with them. I haven’t had them call the police yet, but I will count that as a blessing.

Thank you gentlemen. I have a couple of more questions.

  1. I have a “first generation” Wyze cam. Can that be integrated with the new HMS systems? If not, I can always leave it as an independent piece.
  2. When I switched to Xfinity from Bay Alarm, Xfinity tech was able to add the existing door/window contacts and a motion detector to the Xfinity system. As a result, now I have almost all the windows/doors covered. By any chance, can these be added to the Wyze system? Thanks.

Wyze only works with Wyze. You can’t use any third party sensors. Not sure about the camera but they don’t have much functionality with HMS at the moment anyway.

Thanks Bill. I thought as much.