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I have Xfinity as my main home monitoring service while I am experimenting with Wyze/Noonlight. Now that Xfinity 2 year contract is over, I am thinking of terminating the Home monitoring from them. I only had one incident where I had call from Noonlight and wonder if I should go with it and discontinue Xfinity. What are the experiences from others who had Wyze for a longer period?

I like that the Wyze one is very affordable, notifies me if the hub goes offline, such as when the internet goes out (back when I had XFinity for internet, I lost internet a lot, so this would’ve been really helpful). It’s worked very reliably for me, and is easy to expand and add more sensors without great cost. I can make a lot of rules and routines to customize things in lots of ways, including have cameras use sirens too, flash lights with the siren, and all sorts of things. Tons of customizable options. I also have the leak sensors, and one time while my power was out, it STILL alerted me that I had a leak from my sump-pump not working. It saved me what would have been thousands of dollars of damage because the hub has it’s own battery backup and still works with the sensors even when power and internet go out. I’m sure lots of things could be mentioned.

I am not sure everything that Xfinity offers for their home security though. What did you like about it in particular?


I have had the HMS for two years and also have the Environmental Monitoring with the Climate and Leak sensors. I arm and disarm daily. I experienced false alerts early on, but this was from one specific motion sensor that had fallen from its mounting and had damaged something inside. It had to be retired. I haven’t had a false alert since and also haven’t changed the batteries in any of my sensors (perhaps I should :thinking:). The system has also been rock solid reliable for me with only occasional outages caused by AWS Server failures. I have my ISP modem, WiFi Router, and HMS powered from a UPS, so I am not affected by any loss in connectivity due to intermittent power outages.

I just barely changed my first battery for an HMS motion sensor late last night (technically this morning). :slight_smile: It was in a sensor that is used constantly. So, it lasted at least 2 years, longer than it said to expect. Still haven’t had to replace batteries for any contact sensors on my doors or windows yet in over 2 years. That’s pretty impressive.

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I’ve been using the wyze home monitoring system for over 6 months now and I’ve enjoyed it. It’s been very reliable.

I wasn’t too adamant on getting it at first , because I didn’t need or want to pay for a professionally monitored system but now that I’m busy with work and busy in my personal life, a professionally monitored system is greatly appreciated. Plus I’m not on my phone so much so to have Noonlight as a back up to monitor my house when I’m not able to is a nice detail.

I’m paying $30 or something for 3 months of service. You can pay annually too if you want. I just use the contact sensors on my doors and windows and a few motion sensors.

My only issue would be that the hub doesn’t have a cellular back up, so if the WiFi goes out it’ll only work locally. Meaning it won’t notify you on the app or notify Noonlight , if an alarm goes off.

And if you live in a house with multiple levels like me , you’re only able to use 1 sense hub per home monitoring account.

Besides that, it’s been pretty reliable. I would definitely recommend it.

Xfinity also tried to get me to buy their cameras, but their prices were way too expensive.

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Thanks. To begin with, Xfinity has become very expensive since of late. Like many home monitoring services, they are all in the range of $40 or so per month. I am not sure how long Wyze will hold their price this low. In any case, since my 2 year contract with Xfinity is over now, I wanted to cancel them and stay with Wyze which was running parallel for the last one year. However, the Wyze keypad has very poor display of the conditions of the alarm/security status which my wife is not happy about. Therefore I had to cancel Wyze monitoring instead of Xfinity! If it was only me, it does not matter. But for the average person who is not technical minded, this is a major problem. I have brought this up earlier as well but I do not see any response in the regard. The ease with which we can add Cams and sensors to Wyze, is a great feature I like.
Anyhow, I will make a final decision after the summer travels are over. This was the reason why I asked for opinions from others. Is Noonlight now recognized by all law enforcement for Home monitoring services? Everyone knows Xfinity without a doubt!

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When I had the HMS system registered with my local county, NoonLight used a different local firm on the registration. This is what I got from NoonLight:

**When filling out the registration form, you can use the following information for Alarm Company Information: **
** - Monitored By: Acadian Monitoring Services (2234)**
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