Wyze Home Monitoring Alarm Certificate Missing Monitoring Conditions

I have Flood sensors setup and some interior cameras set to monitor CO/Smoke but the alarm Cert only has Burglary/Trespass checked as being monitored. Im missing out on additional discounts through my insurance because of this.



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I am not sure of the answer to this as I do not work for Wyze but it could be that it is because maybe Noonlight is not notified if a leak od smoke/fire alert happens. That image says ‘Noonlight is monitoring this location…’, so maybe they only get notified on burglary/trespass.


Did you get an answer? I’ve got to send in a certificate too. Just curious, do you mind my asking what you discount burglary/trespass discount is, and which carrier? We have Auto Owners HOI and the discount will be $25. I thought it would be more. :confused:

I asked our agent if there was a discount for having cameras. There’s not… :neutral_face: