Wyze Home Monitoring Company

Does anyone know of the actual Central Monitoring Station company that Wyze uses for home monitoring? Per the website “Wyze Home Monitoring is powered by NOONLIGHT and a TMA 5-Diamond certified monitoring company that routes vital information to 911 dispatchers when you need it most.” But I cant find any info on who that company is. thanks

NOONLIGHT IS the Central Monitoring Station/company that does everything for it.

They used to be named “SafeTrek” but expanded WAY beyond the initial use to now do security monitoring and emergency calls in general.

When it says Powered by Noonlight, they mean Noonlight is the monitoring company.


I dont believe Noonlight is a central station. If they were they would have to be registered in every state and they are not registered in my state. this would make it illegal to sell Wyze monitoring in the state of florida. I looked for safetrek and I could not find them either. Ive never heard of alarm monitoring for $5 per month, that is what made me wonder…

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I don’t profess to be an expert in all things security or a lawyer for what’s legal or not in each jurisdiction or what the requirements and minutiae are for each jurisdiction, but a quick search online showed me several claims that:

Noonlight is a UL Certified central station and can provide a certificate for your insurance company upon request

So it seems to me like they are indeed a Central Station…I don’t know enough about registrations requirements to answer anything about why they may or may not be registered in your area with thier requirements or if they can do it under a partner or other name. IDK.

I’d suggest talking to Noonlight directly and asking them your questions.


It sounds to me like Wyze leaves all of that up to their partner (Noonlight) to be hitting all the regulatory requirements, so Noonlight is where you probably want to direct your specific questions.

If you do figure out something interesting with all of that, please check back in and report! I would be interested in hearing what you found out.

I have reached out to them and I am waiting to hear back. I am actually a licensed contractor, I only do commercial fire alarms, not residential burglar alarms. But in my state the same laws apply, I am just doing my research before i rip everything out of my house to go with wyze. Like a said earlier the $5 per month is a big red flag. Alarm companies pay $15-35 to central stations for monitoring and then they mark it up from $40-65… big companies with huge customer bases similar to ADT do this. Also, the sample certificate from Noonlight, https://downloads.intercomcdn.com/i/o/91284597/17ae0ec91dded3f0213781aa/Screen+Shot+2018-12-14+at+4.48.42+PM.png, that you provide to your Home Owners Insurance does not state the real central station but implies that they subcontract it out to others… once again another red flag. I can’t see how noonlight nor Wyze make money but instead lose money with this whole deal of $5 per month…

Maybe because $65 is preposterous for a contact switch to send a 1KB packet to a server so someone might or might not ring 911 on your behalf?

I dunno, I’ve never had the service.


I agree but my own company can’t even pay $5… I’m just saying this looks extra sketchy and the whole point of an alarm system is that when there is an emergency the proper authorities will be properly notified… and at $5 a month I don’t see it happening.

Okay. I know the market is increasingly competitive with SimpliSafe and Ring etc. I’m waiting for the early adopters to report, and frankly I don’t think I’m interested in central station anyway. I’d rather the house call me.

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The house call you?

I just mean that the monitoring system should call or text or message me and my designates rather than have the alarm company as the intermediary.

Yeah, I intend to leave my system in “practice mode” indefinitely. Then I still get all the alerts, notifications, alarms, etc… But Noonlight is bypassed. If the alarm tells me there’s a real issue, I can press the emergency button or call 911 myself. No false alarm fees risk.


To those thinking that Wyze and Noonlight are loosing money on this deal… I worked for a central station for a number of years, we didn’t do installation or sales of equipment, just monitored other third party accounts. Are fee for. Initiating these accounts was about $3.00 on average. You make it up on the volume. There is a fair chance that Wyze is paying Noonlight even less (or else why not go with my former company, who was also 5 diamond certified). From a contractual standpoint we are not customers of Noonlight and Wyze, only Wyze. Wyze is a customer of Noonlight. I can explain this more of there are specific questions


A person typically needs to speak with you so you can provide your verbal password also they can stop police dispatch.

Which is irrelevant if I and my my designates have direct remote control. Why involve an intermediary as a gatekeeper to my own home and have to give THEM a password for it? I carry a networked computer in my pocket at all times and so do most people.

Yeah, I bet security central stations will soon be eliminated from the market nearly entirely. It made some sense decades ago when people didn’t have smartphones with them 24/7, and when AI/machine learning or automation was mostly a concept. Now, a human monitor is not really needed in 99% of cases for residential situations. In fact, for residential applications they’re more of a hinderance in my opinion, and mostly a waste of money.

Systems can now be programmed to alert the home owner from anywhere. They can immediately populate camera views the minute an alarm trips and the home owner can quickly see whether it is a stranger, or someone they know and approve of being there. They can then simply click a button for approved or call law enforcement, all without another Human Being involved. That’s where home security is guaranteed going to go to. Residential Central stations using humans are endangered. Already people do a lot more of their own self-monitoring. I’ve been doing this with V1’s for over a year.

I just see no serious benefit paying money for a live human to call me and ask me what I want them to do about an alarm. All I am going to tell them is to wait until I check out the cameras myself first, and make them completely pointless.

“BUT WHAT IF SOMEONE BREAKS IN AND HOLDS YOU HOSTAGE AND YOU CAN’T CALL THE COPS YOURSELF OR PRESS AN EMERGENCY BUTTON?!?!” Well, that’s simple. alarm systems get set with a delayed call to law enforcement. If I don’t pause or stop the alarm within my own preset interval, then it automatically calls. That is no different from using a human. A human does the same thing. They get the alarm and try to call and ask me if I want to cancel the alarm. If I don’t respond with a set interval, they automatically call law enforcement. Since I can have my system do that without a human, then the human is totally pointless.

I acknowledge the sheer magnitude of enterprise situations is a little different, and human judgment (with some AI detection help) may be needed in lots of those cases, but not for residential, not for most people (99.9%), maybe a few niche people with specific wants or whatever.

I haven’t fully decided if I will keep paying Wyze for the HMS subscription after my 1 year expires, but I might. If I do, it will absolutely not be to use Noonlight, it will be to have all the other beneficial features (alarm/siren, HMS tab, etc)…I intend to permanently leave the HMS in test mode. If Wyze does away with that, I will probably cancel the HMS. I am not risking false dispatch fines.

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