Monitoring Service for Permit

Hello - I am filling a permit with my local police department as a permit is required to operate a home security system in my city.

Part of the form requires Alarm Company Information.
Is this Wyze or is it Noonlight?

Jake Jones

Wyze creates the products, Noonlight is the monitoring agency.



When filling out the application, if the form asks for contact information for the Monitoring Company or Dispatch Center , enter:

911 Washington Ave.
Suite 230
St. Louis, MO 63101


You may want to contact NoonLight…they gave me the name of a local monitoring service for my permit in Oregon.

This from the NoonLight email:

When filling out the registration form, you can use the following information for Alarm Company Information:

  • Monitored By: Acadian Monitoring Services (2234)*
  • Sold By: N/A None*
  • Serviced By: Self-Installed (2257)*
  • Installed By: Self-Installed (2257)*

Noonlight partners with Acadian Monitoring Services for physical central station infrastructure which ensures we have access to high redundancy and disaster prep within multiple locations (e.g., things like multiple power drops and backup generators, multiple network and telephony connections, etc.) Within those locations, we have dedicated Noonlight agents trained to handle Noonlight (Wyze) alarms using Noonlight’s technologies.


Thank you!

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Thank you WildBill!

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