Canada Home Monitoring Alarm Permit

I installed my Alarm System yesterday and everything is working great. I live in Calgary Alberta Canada and we are required to have an alarm permit. While filling it out I noticed Noonlight isn’t listed on the permit site as a Monitoring Company, has anyone ran into this issue within Canada?

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Contact NoonLight. I had a similar issue in Oregon.

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This is the information I received last August when I inquired about applying for a permit. However, my address is in the US and Noonlight has since been acquired by

Noonlight’s Customer Help website does offer assistance thru email to get clarification:

Wyze also has a specific Help Center Knowledge Base for Home Monitoring in Canada:

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Did you figure this out ? I am about to go through same thing, trying to register with CPS too


Wyze let me know it is Northern911 in Calgary.


I reached out to Noonlight and got a very quick and thorough reply from Jake. He confirmed that the monitoring station partner in Canada is indeed Northern 911 which can dispatch emergency services in all provinces and territories in Canada.

In Vancouver, alarm permits are registered by the city. One just needs to contact and make the necessary updates. Then add your alarm permit # to your Wyze app by HOME MONITORING SETTINGS / HOME INFORMATION / PERMIT NUMBER. then enter and save.

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