HMS - Local Permit When NoonLight Reports Alarm

Just received a letter from the local sheriffs about my alarm permit. In it is a requirement that the alarm company provides my alarm permit number when summoning police. There isn’t any place to record this in the HMS setup. Needs to be fixed ASAP.


I think I passed that up the line successfully. :slight_smile:


Thanks. Seems like there’s always something new.

edited to add portions of the letter I received:


Here was the response from NoonLight when I asked about this. (Answer seems to be hit or miss to me since it is documented anywhere.)

“… you can submit your permit information to Noonlight at and we’ll make sure that the necessary information is provided to 911 to get help dispatched in the event you have an alarm triggered from your Wyze system.”

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It’s a good workaround in the meantime, but I really hope they integrate it into the app.

Thanks for the info!

I did find mention of that on the noonlight site today:

Not really the same thing. That posts says NoonLight will help get whatever permit is needed but doesn’t have anyway to record it with your account or to record it in the app.

It says they will help yes, but the address shown is the same one they told you to send the permit info to if you have it so they can make sure it is provided to 911? So just sounds like they are additionally willing to assist in obtaining the permit, but by your text that is so they can provide it to 911.

Nope…I used the email address and they sent information on how to obtain a permit in my location. Nothing was mentioned about the need to provide the permit number to dispatch or to contact them with the information after I got one. They only became aware of the need AFTER I sent another email about the problem.