Wyze IS the way to go!

I agree that we all have great suggestions. Yes, some of those may take time. I can’t speak for everyone, but I do like to research. I have looked at tons of other options. Well, I have not found any other product that is better suited for my home and property. My husband and I both agree that we feel much safer using Wyze. Just wanted to take the time to appreciate a great system. Thank you.


I said it once and I’ll say it again. Wyze is a good system that we are very happy with. We do however have to consider other options as well, which we have. My plan is to “mesh” everything together into one great system that can do a great job together and I have found that. Just needed a little extra. Live in a questionable neighborhood, with questionable “Characters” and would rather have more than one choice. Wyze is our main go to, but we decided that more security is a must to offer everything we needed.

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Laurie, good to hear the Wyze HMS meets your needs as a DIY Home Security System.

My situation is much like yours, riffraff is slowly creeping into the neighborhood… or I am turning into my Dad. I need to look into attending a Dr. Rick seminar.

I have also supplemented my HMS to enhance it’s effectiveness and harden it against failure. I have full perimeter cam and motion or AI activated floodlight coverage; IR blaster floodlights installed to supplement Cam IRNV; HMS is ethernet connected and plugged into a dedicated UPS along with my router and fiber modem; indoor and outdoor automated sirens tied into my contact sensors; and I have outdoor PIR motion sensors tied into my floodlights. I also use a 3rd party automation program on my phone to guarantee I am fully aware of any security threat.

Ok. I wish I could figure out how to get back in and start a new topic…lol. This will do for now. So, I have a ton of questions, but I will ask 2 for now. So, does the sense hub just control home monitoring or can it also control other Wyze devices, such as some or all of the cameras, plugs, lights? Can anyone give me a list of what controls what? Thank you.

Most devices just connect directly to your WiFi router.

Things that connect to the sense hub include:

  • Contact sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • Leak sensors
  • Climate sensors

The Wyze Cam Outdoor (version 1 & version 2) both connect to a “Base Station”

The Video Doorbell & Video Doorbell Pro, both connect to a chime that connects to the WiFi.

The Wyze Lock connects to a Gateway which connects to the WiFi.

Room Sensors connect to the Thermostat.

The Wyze Cam V3 Accessories all connect through the V3 camera (spotlight, Floodlight, Kamp Socket, Garage Door Controller).

A few items connect directly to your phone via Bluetooth (gun safe, desk lamp, lock bolt, scale, headphones, earbuds, watch, band, etc).

Most cameras, smart bulbs, light strips, plugs, thermostat, sprinkler controller, air filter, robot vacuum, etc just connect directly to the WiFi router.

A few things don’t use internet nor connect up to your phone (cordless vacuum, handheld vacuum, nightlights, etc)

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The Sense Hub is dual purpose. It is the central hub for the Home Monitoring System, but it will operate as a control hub for automation without the subscription. All the sensors will continue to operate (except for the keypad) without a subscription so they can still be used for notifications, rules and routines. But, without the HMS subscription, you loose all monitoring functionality.

Good to know. Thank you.

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