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I finally figured this posting stuff out. Ok, so as everyone knows, we are working hard in this camp to upgrade, mesh, and perfect our security system. Recently purchased a battery backup/surge protector. Can anyone tell me, can I just unplug Wyze and plug it right back into the new unit or do I have to reset it up? It’s a lot of work, yes, but I guess it probably wouldn’t hurt to reset it up. If there is any firmware updates, it could probably use those. I wonder if I should change passwords and other information as well. What do y’all think :thinking:?

In other words, a fresh start…yes or no?

When you set up a Wyze cam, itll hold its settings until you re-set it up. Power down or unplugging the camera wont matter, when you power the camera back up itll remember its settings, connect and sync to the cloud automatically it if can connect to the original WIFI that was programmed into it during setup.

Okay. We don’t have Wyze cam yet. That will probably be a near future purchase, when I finally find a space that doesn’t have any monitoring. I was just wondering about the home monitoring system. Thank you for the insight about the camera, though.

Same thing goes for the HMS hub, you can unplug it and move it around. It actually has its own battery backup onboard in the hub also.

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Now, that I didn’t know. Cool. Thanks again.

This is a really good idea. I have my Fiber Modem, WiFi Router and Hub all plugged into a dedicated 1500VA UPS. My hub is connected via Ethernet rather than by WiFi. This insures that the HMS Security system and connectivity to the internet are maintained in any local power outage.

I know, right. I’m becoming a wiz at this. Lol. Have never had any courses or training so no, I’m not a pro at IT or tech. Also not a security officer, guard, or a police officer. Just enjoying the science behind it all. It’s like, “hum, let’s plug this in and see if it works.”

That’s great! Most everybody here got started that way.

The HMS was the gateway to my Wyze and Smart Home IoT addiction. It was my first device as well. Now I have too many to count! (Just added a new one this weekend!)

I wanted a DIY security system that I could install, scale, and customize on my terms that didn’t drain my bank account like the Corporate Security Providers do.

I also believe doing it yourself is the best way to learn. The Forum has almost 115,000 users. There are so many experienced users with some truly ingenious applications and uses. It really is amazing how much you will find here!

Good luck!

I agree. I started with surveillance cameras. Then, we ordered a big name system. Well, when we tried to set it up, I couldn’t get it to connect to the WiFi. So, we sent it back. So, they gave us our money back, but wanted us to try another system. I couldn’t figure out why the company would return our money if they were going to send another system. So, when that one came, it was d.o.a. and then we got double charged. What a run around! We sent that back, got our money back, and said never again to that company. Then, we found Wyze. We researched the heck out of it and decided to try it. Wow! What a great idea! It came fast. Brought it in, hooked it up, and it worked… seamlessly. Haven’t looked back since. Since then, we have added more cameras, added professional monitoring subscription, added another system to supplement what is not yet available, and added Alexa as well. Of course, we probably won’t stop there. Still would like to add floodlights, with one or two more outdoor wireless Wifi cameras. Just bought a few more window/door sensors and a motion sensor from Wyze to add the new garage to our monitoring subscription as well.

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