Mexico - WYZE Home Security System

Good afternoon everyone,

I’m from Mexico and I currently own some Wyze Cameras, they are just amazing, I do really love the Wyze Ecosystem and just found that Wyze also has a Security System/Alarm for your home which I already ordered from Amazon, I totally understand that HMS service is NOT AVAILABLE on Mexico, so I plan to use a US address I have in TX, I’m not really interested about getting a phone call from someone telling me something that I can see on my phone, I will be more than happy to just receive a notification on my cellphone, is this actually possible? like, can I opt out of getting a phone call from Noonlight?
Or does Wyze have a roadmap to offer a different plan than HMS-Noonlight where you (the owner of the device) can be your own guardian/self monitoring? I think there are a lot of individuals who would prefer this for a lower cost (since you will not have an external monitoring company taking care of your home security)
Current price is not an issue, I just really want to be able to have an AIO security system that can send notifications to my phone when something happens.


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Hello @El.Viejo.Paulino and welcome to the community.

Currently the only way to make sure you do not get a phone call would be to run the Home Monitoring System in Test Mode, which is what some people have opted to do. There is currently no true self-monitoring setup for the Wyze Home Monitoring System although it is asked for and can be found on the #wishlist.


just wondering @El.Viejo.Paulino - don’t you have a US-based sim card in your mobile device? Does your mobile device support multiple SIM cards? that way you could use wyze home monitoring, pay for the protection, and they could call your us-based SIM number or send you texts that way.

I use an older iPhone 13 mini. It has a telcel SIM in the slot on the side for my mexico number (telcel in mexico does not offer eSIM), and an “eSIM” for my t-mobile USA number. Very common for ex-pats to do this (not just in mexico). Otherwise they have 2 cell phones - one for USA calls, one for mexico calls. Honestly no one calls my mexico number - just needed mexico sim to install and configure whatsapp - which is what the world and especially mexico uses to communicate.

Correction: The only people who call my telcel number are PEMEX (gas), CFE (electrical) OOMSAPAS (water), Telmex (fiber), and TelCel (mobile internet). No one in ever calls except mexican-run businesses that require a mexican phone number or bank account to do business with them. Most of these businesses have WhatsApp anyway.