Wyze Home Monitoring outside US

Hi Community,

I own several Wyze products and I do love them and I was amazed when the new Home Monitoring came out but at the same time really sad seeing it comes with a Monitoring Service that will work only in the US. I am really interested in the all-new Wyze Home Monitoring, however, I don’t leave in the US, so I wanted to know if there is a way to buy the Core Starter Kit without the Monitoring Service (HMS) or buy the bundle/system but out-out after a year for the HMS? Will the system keep working if I am not paying the HMS? Does it worth it the investment if I don’t leave in the US?



Did you ever get a response on this? Im in Costa Rica too, Im willing to pay for the yearly service and get the whole setup. But I dont know if it will work or not … did you try it?

HMS requires a U.S. zip code in order to configure the system. As of right now, no service outside the U.S. and no way to buy the starter kit without subscribing. Doubt they would even ship to a non-U.S. address for this, but could be wrong.

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That sucks … I dont need the visit from a security company, just notifications to the phones I configure would be enough. I guess that kills my intent with Wyze. Thanks

Eventually, Wyze says that the hub will be available without the subscription. However, that means you just get door and motion sensors to trigger lights and such, not any security features like the siren. All that might change but no idea when.

Hi everyone,

I’m sorry to rehash covered ground but I was wondering just how the system works to judge it was feasible to set up overseas. I can register with a US address and am happy paying the subscription. What I want to know is:

  1. Can I still get app notifications ?
  2. is it possible to opt for them not calling emergency services? (won’t work where I am at)

Basically I’m interesting in real-time notifications of trips to motion sensors plus other stuff like the climate and flood sensors, etc.


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That would work for me too … but I dont think they scan these forums to answer something like that. If anyone knows, please let us know :wink:

You would be paying a large sum just to get the new sensors, which is all you’d get. The address in the U.S. would be the one registered with HMS and NoonLight, which also requires a U.S. phone number. Not sure if they check IP information as well which would introduce the need for a VPN.

App notification would just be that a sensor has triggered. Not calling emergency services means running in Test mode. But none of that means anything since your address wouldn’t be real, nor your phone number, which they verify.

I think you would be better off waiting until you can just buy the hub and sensors, if that’s what you really want. Too many issues getting it now. You need to be specific about what you want. Without NoonLight and HMS, you just get new sensors for doors, motion, water, etc.

That is exactly what I wanted. I bought the home monitoring bundle anyway and I’m stuck at step 2 (dispatching information) setup because it requires a phone number and confirmation from it. I can’t skip it to go to step 3 that is actually monitoring setup.

Instead of doing the Home Monitoring setup, have you tried just adding the hub as a simple device? You should be able to do that then add sensors. You just won’t have the home monitoring piece with alarms, simple arming and dispatch of police, but you should be able install things and test them.

Yes I did that but I really wanted the features of home monitoring just not the services dispatching.
I’m thinking of getting a relative in the US help me with his phone number just for setup and then put everything in test mode. Maybe even get one of those ‘burner’ phones just for the setup possibly.

Its been awhile since I set mine up. Seem to remember getting a text message back during setup needed to complete the process. Seems Wyze has made this very complicated since others have expressed the need/desire for a standalone, permanent Test mode for self monitoring of the system.

We’re you able to ever setup
The system without the home monitoring and just for notifications overseas ? Trying to do the same