Wyze Home Monitoring Question

I’m looking at getting a home alarm system and had used a wyze cam a year back. I saw they are releasing a core starter kit. My question is if you stop paying the annual sub or monthly sub do all those devices just not work anymore with the app? Also I’m assuming this service is also for Canada?

Not sure about the Canada question, however, the sensors will continue to work as stand-alone devices, just the like the V1 sensors do. You will lose any of the functions associated with HMS so you’ll be able to do things like trigger lights, plugs, cameras, etc.

Serious question. So then are wyze taking a loss on the hardware seeing as you can cancel the sub after one year and keep the stuff?

Really hard to say. If you bought the starter kit with a monthly subscription, the charge was about the same as free starter kit with annual subscription. I don’t have any real use for HMS but wanted to get my hands on the new sensors and hub. I took a monthly plan and will most likely cancel after I play with it for a while. Too many limitations with the initial implementation. Besides, I live in a rural area with minimal internet options. The one I have goes down frequently so not really reliable enough for home security.

Everything in the system should work indefinitely in test mode just fine. Of course you will not have any immediate emergency response available, unless someone hears the alarm and makes a call themselves.