Wyze Monitoring Starter Kit


I have been looking into the new Monitoring starter kit to help build upon my Wyze Sense starter kit, however, I can’t seem to find confirmation of if there is a way to get the new starter kit without having the professional monitoring. Does anyone know if there is a way to have the kit without the monthly plan? Thanks!

I think that won’t get offered until awhile after the release of the monitoring itself, then they will start selling everything hub and sensors separately.

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Not Curently, but since the equipment is free with one year service, you could get the equipment and just keep the monitoring turned off. I think it’s called test mode or something like that. I don’t think it will be much cheaper if at all once they start offering the equipment without service.

True, that makes sense. Or just pay for it with a one month subscription and then cancel the monitoring and keep the devices. They will continue to work with notifications and automations just like the original Wyze Sense, right?

That’s how it’s been described, yes. Also, the old V1 Wyze sense are supposed to also work with the hub, but only for notifications and rules. The old sensors won’t work with monitoring.

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