Ability to add and change phone number for home monitoring

Please add the ability to add a second phone number to be used with home monitoring. I am afraid that another member of my household may set off the alarm while I am unable to answer the phone resulting in police being dispatched to a false alarm.
Also need the ability to change the phone number listed, support advised that was only possible currently via factory reset of the hub and all sensors.


The ability to change the HMS contact phone number was added in app update 2.20.x in May, 2021.

The ability to add additional contact numbers was added in app update 2.28.x in January, 2022. Additional phone numbers are associated with shared users. After sharing HMS service with another user, their phone number may be added in the Sharing settings in the primary user’s account.

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There is an ongoing #wishlist topic regarding additional phone numbers here: Wyze Home Monitoring System should call more than one (1) phone number

Yes, along with the ability to turn-off “call the police” mode, more flexibility on the call-list (multiple numbers, call vs. text either or both, email, etc). All would be value added and extremely handy. My cell phone is often not in range or doesn’t ring due to a poor signal, so I would like to have my land-line also ring if the alarm is tripped.

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Agreed. In my city we are charged for any false alarm dispatches. Being limited to only 1 phone number on the account will increase the likelihood of an unneeded dispatch. Three would be ideal. The ability to include a landline is a must have. Thank you!

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Not being able to use the home land line for this service is foolish. I have 4 adults living in this house hold all with separate cell phones and active going and coming the land line would be much more useful.


There should be a way to add additional phone number to the home monitoring system. I know if I’m not holding my phone in my hand and I received a call regarding an alarm at my house I wouldn’t be able to respond in time. My husband could if he was allowed the option to have his number on the account also.
Please add the option to have multiple phone numbers to disable or verify a triggered alarm so we don’t waste our emergency response teams time responding to false alarms.!!


Just subscribed to the Wyze Home Monitoring system. Found out that you can only have one authorized user on the account and only one phone number. In a household where I am constantly traveling for work, I would like to authorize my spouse to be a user as well. This is option is currently not available. and I cannot add her number as an alternate. Living in a big city, police will not respond to alarms.
This makes the home monitoring service useless.:disappointed:


100% agree. This should be a simple change - add a call/message-list, when exhausted, call the police as an OPTION! Come on Wyze - let’s make this stuff work the way it is supposed to!!!


Need the ability to add more than one number. Curly the service is pretty useless for a family, Since only one of us will be able to receive text alerts and calls.



Wyze… This is simple to add! It is low hanging fruit with huge value. I would set a limit of perhaps four numbers and the numbers should be called in the order listed by the customer, but being limited to a single number is unacceptable


Unlike Cameras and Sensors, Wyze Sense Hub and Key Pad actions are unable to share to users. This is extremely problematic and alarming to not have available. My partner is unable to arm or disarm the Monitoring System via App because there is no current functionality for it. I am concerned for what would happen if she needed to arm the alarm but was not near it and would otherwise be able to provide the added security for herself and our home.

The lack of added peace of mind that could be remedied with a fix as simple as this is troubling…

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Home monitoring only allow 1 number to be contacted and that too has to be cell number to receive validation code.
I travel frequently and sometime to places where there is no cell connection. I would like the following features:

  1. Ability to add home landline number so anyone in the family at home can be contacted in case of alarm tripping.
  2. Ability to add another cell numbers as backup so if all family is not at home, at least a backup number can be contacted.

The way the system works now, only one person is the account owner and only one person will get a phone call from the monitoring company if the alarm is triggered. Other companies I’ve worked with allowed multiple numbers that they would call in hierarchical order. Right now Wyze only allows the one account owner to be to get a phone call. I think it’s important that there be at least a second phone call number that can be contacted once the alarm was triggered. Thoughts?


I also raised this issue in another topic/thread. Definitely feel this needs to be addressed.

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Noonlight should be able to have more than one phone number to call before dispatch. A protocol order or phone tree could be used to make calls in sequence before dispatching authorities. Noonlight does that for other security companies.


This is a major flaw in wyze security system. Majority of people who has security system needs to share it with their family member or partners. Account holder may or may not be home and, other authorized family member should be able to receive security call via land line or an alternate mobile number. All security system has this feature and is a must feature. Without this feature Wyze monitoring has limited appeal for many customers.

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Come on Wyze - a new update and NOTHING on this major show-stopping failure in the security system??? Please tell us - your PAYING CUSTOMERS - what your commitment is to address this and what the timeframe is.

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Would like to have capability to add additional emergency contact numbers if alarm activates. This would allow someone else to respond locally if primary contact is out of country.


+1 to what everyone else said. This shouldn’t be a particularly complex feature and the value for families is self-explanatory.

I don’t understand why Wyze & Noonlight can’t add a feature their customers have been requesting for months. I discovered the Wyze & Noonlight Home Monitoring system is worthless for me after I installed it and paid for a year of monitoring. (At least it was cheap.) The Wyze system will call one phone number you provide. If no answer, Noonlight (which promises 24/7 monitoring by real people) will then call your local police. That might be OK in some places, but I live in Los Angeles. The LAPD does not respond to burglar alarms. However, the LAPD might fine the homeowner $316 unless the homeowner can prove it was NOT a false alarm, for example, that your house was burglarized while on fire. The fine for each false alarm increases by $100 to $416, $516 etc. Like most of my neighbors, I pay a security company that patrols the neighborhood and promises “Armed Response” to alarms. (They work with other companies monitoring systems as well as their own.) Unfortunately, the Wyze/Noonlight monitors will not call my Armed Patrol and Response Security Company. After the one phone call to me, the next call is the local police. I did discover a workaround by keeping the system in “Test” mode so it doesn’t call the police.

Agree. Also adding a second or more users to monitor and get all notifications in their apps is needed. If I am travelling my wife needs the option to handle everything from her app in her phone (not only the cameras).